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Customer Service Policy

We value our customers and:

  • Partner proactively with them to meet their business needs.
  • Provide cost effective, innovative and high quality solutions.
  • Communicate plans, progress and status in an effective and timely manner.
  • Support each other in achieving customer service excellence.

Supported Browsers and Client Platforms

Client Application support:

ITIS supports only Windows as the standard platform for client applications. Versions 98 and greater are normally supported; however, some applications may require the most recent versions of Windows.

Always go to ITIS Home Page and look up an application for specific client platform requirements.

Web Application support:

ISS develops web sites and web-based applications to work with Lab standard browsers. Any platform may be used as long as a Lab standard browser is used. While other browsers may work, they are not supported.

Vendor-provided web sites and web-based applications may have browser requirements that diverge from Lab standards. ISS will support those browser requirements.

Always go to ITIS Home Page and look up an application for specific browser requirements.

Current versions of Lab standard browsers are available for download at IT download page.

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