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CIS Department Modify Recharge Lookup Request Form

You can lookup charges by Project ID field, username field, or the comments fiel d.   Information is available for a single month at a time, but you MUST selec t the month that you wish to see.

The search uses your request to match any part of the record. You should use the smallest search term available, for example you could lookup account 'Smith' an d get records for 'JSmith'.   But, this also means that you will not get approximate matches, for examp le if you want to find records for 'John Smith' you will never get records for 'JSmith'.
NOTE: This page can not display charges from LBLNET or Telephone Services

The next page will allow you to choose which recuring CIS recharges you would like to change.

Month In Question:
Requester's Employee Id #

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