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Berkeley Lab, Multinet lpd configuration: NOT SUPPORTED


I thought that that node1 was supposed to be on dp. However, when I try lpr -Pprinter, "it" tells me that the node has no access to a line printer. The job is apparently submitted to a que, but no daemon is present.


Fixed node1.

Here's what I did:

Since node1 was already in the hosts.lpd file on dp, I suspected the problem was with your Multinet setup.

I'd did this on node1:
multinet config/service
[which should show something like this] MultiNet Server Configuration Utility V4.0(40)

[Reading in configuration from MULTINET:SERVICES.MASTER_SERVER]

then type show lpd
[It should show something like this:]


  Service     Proto      Port               Action
  -------     -----      ----               ------
* LPD         TCP        515        Run Program MULTINET:SERVER_LPD.EXE
'*'Indicates that the service is disabled.

It did **not** show that lpd is disabled. So here was the problem: Multinet's lpd was blocking access to our dist. print system.

I then typed
disable lpd

You may need to run lpd_root:[bin]startlpd.com
But I did not have to. lpr starting working right away.

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