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Mentor Graphics, design UNIX machines, Versatec Plotter

Some configuration notes

Updates: June 21, 1996

From: eberman@mh1.lbl.gov (Vladimir Eberman)
Subject: RE: [CompSvcs #11156] versatec plotter (50A-2112)
To: bryan@speedy.lbl.gov
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 11:28:37 -0700 (PDT)

----- Start of forwarded message[s] ----- From: bryan@speedy.lbl.gov (Bryan Holmes) Subject: [CompSvcs #11156] problem with versatec plotter Date: Fri, 21 Jun 96 11:14:40 PDT
Cc: MELevi@lbl.gov

I am having difficulty obtaining a plot from the versatec plotter in B50A RM. 2112. I am trying to plot a schematic while logged onto design and from design architect. I have been successful in printing to at50_mgc but cannot plot.
This plotter has never operated in a robust manner. Everyone I have talked to in regards to this plotter has commented that it is at best a 50/50 chance your drawing will be plotted. Can anything be done to improve the chances of getting a drawing plotted?
Bryan Holmes X4246

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There were some changes done last week in the way Mentor Graphics software handles printing. I understand that Mike Levi sent you instructions on how to use it now.


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