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lp admin (on a Solaris system)

lpsystem -l
lists known print servers
lpstat -v
lists known printers and their servers

lpsystem -tbsd dp
adds bsd-type print server dp (for example).

lpadmin -sdp -pmyprinter -I any
adds printer myprinter to print server dp
-I any lets the queue process any kind of print file; without it, the queue may refuse files with complaints about needing filters for them.

lpstat -p myprinter
shows status of printer myprinter

enable myprinter [NOT needed in Solaris 2.6 and later]
enables printer myprinter
accept myprinter [NOT needed in Solaris 2.6 and later]
makes the printer myprinter accept requests.

lpadmin -x myprinter
removes the printer myprinter from the LP print service.

Deleting jobs on Solaris

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