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UNIX Distributed Printers at the Lab

Last modified Mon Jun 26 12:39:03 PDT 2006
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Also, note that most printers on This means that some group owns supplies, etc. for them. A user that they are not using another permission. Please use the contact extension

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UNIX printers list

Other printer-related lists

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Computing Sciences

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
compsci2	50b-4238-hp2100m.lbl.gov	50B-2232 HPLJ2100 CWMcCurdy,x4283  
compsci8	50b-4218-hp4000.lbl.gov	50B-4218 CS HPLJ4000TN WJFortney 
csadmin	50b-2232g-hp6mp.lbl.gov	50B-2232G HP6MP x5541  
cs50f	50f-1698-hp5m.lbl.gov	50F-1698 HPLJ5M MECovington,SLGreen  
mcolor	mcolor.lbl.gov	50E lobby HPCLJ4600 Math Dept.
mcolort	mcolor.lbl.gov	transparency queue for above printer
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Computational Research Division printers

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
cpr	50A-2125-hplj1300n.lbl.gov	50A-2125 HPLJ1300N P_Concus,VOBrady  
hp6	50b-3207-hp4si.lbl.gov	50B-3238 HPLJ4Si CSR Office;offline 2004-07
mpr	50e-1509-hp8100.lbl.gov	50E-1509 HPLJ8100DN Math Dept [duplex-mode]
mprs	50e-1509-hp8100.lbl.gov	simplex queue for above printer
mprt	50e-1509-hp8100.lbl.gov	transparency queue; simplex, letter-size 
nersc50b	nash.lbl.gov	50B-2239 HPLJ2100 DLHaynes,BEBargmeyer|  
sdm2	16tons.lbl.gov	50B-3238F HPLJ8000DN;duplex D.Haynes,x6586  
vpr	50e-1509-hplj4.lbl.gov	50A-2152 HPLJ4 x5369:V.Heatlie,Math.  
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NERSC printers

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
nersc8	hp4050t.lbl.gov	50B-4230C HP4050t ZSMcCunney  
nersc8d	hp4050t.lbl.gov	duplex queue for the above
shredder	50b-4230c-hp4000tn.lbl.gov	50B-4230C HP4000TN x5429;SLGreen  
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Information Technology Division (IT)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
cedr1	cedr1.lbl.gov	48-0118 HP 4000 x6693,IT,CEDR project
mpsg2	46-125-hp5000gn.lbl.gov	46-125 HPCLJ5500 Gayle Peuser, x4511
sergio	50C-3338-hp4000tn	50C-3336 HP4000TN x4181;RALowden  
esnet50a	officehpblack-white.es.net	50A-3111 HP5000 DRPeterson  
fac11	76L-109-hp8100dn.lbl.gov	76L0109 HPLJ8100 NIKhan, 495-2798 
phys1		06-2122 HPC3700 JTanamachi  
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Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
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citgxerox		50C-3319 Xerox2125;duplex Sha  
citg1	50c-3307-hp4050n.lbl.gov	50F-1646 HP4550N MLRosenberg;50c-3307-hp4050n.lbl.gov  
csgroup	50b-3209-hp4050tn.lbl.gov	50B-3209 HPLJ4050TN GMJung, UNIX 
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Information Systems & Services (ISS)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
b937736	b937-736-hp8100dn.lbl.gov	937-736 HP5SIMX x5351,LLEichman  
hp285	b937-319-hp8150dn.lbl.gov	937-319 HP8150dn x4945,C.Moll  
hp81	b937-606-hplj8150dn.lbl.gov	937-606 HP8100 x4945,C.Moll  
hp717	937-717-hp8150dn.lbl.gov	937-717 HP8150dn x7803,DHEdgar  
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Networking & Telecommunications Department

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
at164	50e-1573-hp4550.lbl.gov	50E-1573 HP4550 R_Gregory; REPLACES at265
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Accelerator & Fusion Research Div. (AFRD)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
afrd1	5-121-hplj5p.lbl.gov	5-0121 HPLJ T_Schenkel  
afrd-div1	gshp4600.lbl.gov	50-4049 HPCLJ4600 CHVanecek,JTChew  
afrd-div1l	gshp4600.lbl.gov	legal queue for above printer
afrdibt	5-125-hplj3330.lbl.gov	5-0117 HPLJ3330 PNEpps  
ap15	46-172c-hp4600dn.lbl.gov	46-172C HPLJ4600 JESmithwick,S_Caspi  
ap15d	46-172c-hp4600dn.lbl.gov	duplex queue for above printer
at99	47-001phaser6250.lbl.gov	47-112 Phaser 6250 BGhiorso 
at99d	47-001phaser6250.lbl.gov	duplex queue for above printer
at999		transparency queue for above printer
at158	58-101-hp5000dn.lbl.gov	58-104 HP4MV Bill Ghiorso 
ap3	hp5si.lbl.gov	71-211 HPLJ5si TGGallant,MHCondon;hp5si.lbl.gov  
at147	at147.lbl.gov	47-001 HP8100 CMCelata  
at147d	at147.lbl.gov	duplex queue for above printer
at47	at47.lbl.gov	47-116 HPLJ8100DN x6372 (47-0112) 
at47d	at47.lbl.gov	duplex queue for above printer
cbp4	71-266-hp4000tn.lbl.gov	71-266 HP4000TN TGGallant; duplex mode
cbpcolor4600	71-266-hpc-4600.lbl.gov	71-266 HPCLJ4600DTN TGGallant  
 ibt2 alias for cpbcolor4600
cbpcolor71b	cbptek35.lbl.gov	71B-28b HPCLJ4600DTN TGGallant  
at31	cadps10.lbl.gov	71B-287 HP4000TN TGGallant  
cbptek350		71-268 Tek.Phaser 350 TGGallant 
director	4-225-hp5000.lbl.gov	4-225 HPLJ5000 x4493, Karla Evans
dnj7551	dnj7551.lbl.gov	71-highbay HPDN755 IReichel  
ferxp6200	47-112phaser6200.lbl.gov	47-112 Xerox Phaser 6200DX B_Ghiorso,x5274
ferxp6200d	47-112phaser6200.lbl.gov	duplex queue for above printer
ferxp6200t	47-112phaser6200.lbl.gov	transparency queue for above printer
hp101	71-170-hplj4m.lbl.gov	71-0170 HPLJ4M+ DLozano  
hp80	80a-103hp4m.lbl.gov	80A-101 HPLJ4M EJLampo  
plasma1	53-6-hp4m.lbl.gov	B53-006 HP4 x6745,A.Anders,AFRD  
SNSContRm		71-101 HPLJ4M+ SNS Control Room
supercon1	46-172c-hp5100.lbl.gov	46-172 HPLJ5Si/MX JESmithwick,x4137;;Supercon.Magnet Grp 
supercon1d	46-172c-hp5simx.lbl.gov	duplex queue for above printer
supercon4		another name for ap15 
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Advanced Light Source (ALS)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
als01	als01.lbl.gov	80-150 HPLJ2100TN Tim Kellog, Craig
als03	6-2238-hp4550dn.lbl.gov	6-2238 HPLJ4550 x5975,ERotenberg  
als04	80-140-b.als.lbl.gov	80-140 HPLJ2015 CMIkami, Michael Beaudrow
als05	10-205-hplj5000.lbl.gov	10-205 HPLJ5M JLMcDonald,CMIkami  
als06	melj80.lbl.gov	80-012 HPLJ4M EKWong,x5191;Weyland Wong,W_Wong 
als08	80-231-hp5000.lbl.gov.	80-0231 HPLJ5000 x6793, SLRossi; ALS
als09	80-140-d.als.lbl.gov	80-140 HPCLJ3800 M. Beaudrow, CMIkami
als2100	4-102f-hplj2100tn.lbl.gov	4-102F HPLJ2100TN x6722, BBDixon 
ap74	b17-34.als.lbl.gov	6-7 HPLJ4M+ ALS;(6,beamline 7)T Kellog,
bl7lj4		nickname for above printer (ap74)
at102	lw201.lbl.gov	2-455B HP4MV JFGamsby  
at110	esgip.lbl.gov	2-400c HP4MV T Kellogg, CMIkami
at38	hp448.lbl.gov	2-442 HPLJ5M JFGamsby  
at49	80-231-hplj4500dn.lbl.gov	80-231 HP4500DN JDCoyne  
at49t	80-231-hplj4500dn.lbl.gov	transparency queue for above printer
bl7102	b7-102hp.lbl.gov	7-102 HPLJ4m+ T Kellogg, CMIkami
eleceng2	eleceng2.lbl.gov	46-150 HPLJ4500N ALRitchie,x4785  
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Chemical Sciences Division

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap62	70a-3307b-hp4000tn.lbl.gov	70A-3307B HP4000TN AAGill  
cdg-als	6-2203-hp4050tn.lbl.gov	6-2203 HP4100TN Chem. Dynamics Group/ALS
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Earth Science Division (ESD)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap10	hp2089.lbl.gov	90-2089B HPLJ4Si x6455,J.Peterson;PKLau  
ap10-dup	hp2089.lbl.gov	duplex for above printer 
ap11	90-2024d-hplj5simx.lbl.gov	90-2024 HPLJ5M x6455,J.Peterson  
ap24	esdp-4si.lbl.gov	90-1116 HP8150 PKLau;x6455,J.Peterson  
ceb1	hplaser.lbl.gov	B70A-3317G HP4M x6223 TCHazen 
ceb2	70a-3317m-hp4550.lbl.gov	70A-3317M Hp6MP x6223 TCHazen 
emhp1	90-2024d-hplj5simx.lbl.gov	90-2024D HPLJ5Si/Mx x7468, Ki Ha
esdadmin1	90-1078-hp5si.lbl.gov	90-1078C HP5SiMX x6696,C.Taliaferro  
esd-90-2024-hplj4050n		90-2024 HPLJ4050n GAMiller  
esd-90-2101-hpdj650c		90-2101 HPDJ650C GAMiller  
esd-90-1078-XrxPhaser1235		90-1078 XeroxPhaser1235 GAMiller  
esd-90-1078-TekPhaser6250		90-1078 TekPhaser6250 BETaylor  
esd-90-1235-hplj4700		90-2233 HPCLJ4700 PKLau,TMDaley  
hp10	hp10.lbl.gov	90P-112 HPLJ4M PKLau  
hp3700N	90-2144-hp3700.lbl.gov	90-2144 HPLJ3700N GANewman  
soot	90-2142-LexOptra.lbl.gov	90-2142 Lexmark Optra JKBishop 
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Directorate printers

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
at350	90-1076-hplj5si.lbl.gov	90-1076 HP4M+ Tech.Transfer  
at73	50a-4119-hp4050n.lbl.gov	50A-4119 HPLJ4050N KJLevy,x5513;DIR  
csee	7-221-hp1300n.lbl.gov	07-221 hplj1300n CSEE;LLEgenberger  
dc3	printer3.dc.lbl.gov	Wash.,D.C. HPLJ8100DN Moira Howard-Jeweler,ctpayne@lbl.gov 
helga	50a-4133-hp4000n.lbl.gov	50A-4133 HP4000N Lab Director's Office
patent1	90b-107-ph8400.lbl.gov	90-0107 XPhaser8400 DJAston,PatentDept.,x7058,HMuhammad  
pjo	50a-4119a-hp5m.lbl.gov	50A-4119A HPLJ5M PJOddone,x6100  
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Environmental Energy Technologies

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
asd6	hp4100dn.lbl.gov	90-3026 HPLJ4000 JDCordell  
at90	70-109d-hp4m.lbl.gov	70-0109 HPLJ4M SJLauer  
at97	btplpr1.lbl.gov	90-3111 HPLJ8100DN CSGeorgiou
eap1	eap1.lbl.gov	90-4131E NT GYSaika,PTChan  
eap2	eap2.lbl.gov	90-4128A NTX GYSaika,PTChan  
eap3	eap3.lbl.gov	90-4046A NT GYSaika,PTChan  
eap6	eap6.lbl.gov	90-2052 LWIIg H_Akbari  
eap9	eap9.lbl.gov	90-4130C HPLJ5SiMX x4987,GYSaika  
eetd1	hp9000dn.lbl.gov	90-3027D HP5Si JMLambert,JDCordell  
eetd2	51-208-lxmks1855.lbl.gov	51-208 LexmarkOptra STonse,x4556  
eetd6	90-3058-hplj4050.lbl.gov	90-3058 HPLJ4050 x6591,CTast  
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Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap109	75-109-hp5simx.lbl.gov	75-109 HP5SiMx PMCBlodgett,x6218  
ap79	wdenng4.lbl.gov	90-0018A HP5M Debra Troxell 
ap96	sammy.lbl.gov	14-116 HP5Si/MX x5013,TGock  
at94	90-1140-hp4mp.lbl.gov	90-1140 HPLJ4M+ x7120;EH&S Div.Off.Debra Troxell
dosimetry1	75e-102-hp5si.lbl.gov	75E-102 HP5Si/MX JGFloyd  
ehs106	85b-106-hp2100tn.lbl.gov	85B-106 HPLJ2100 PMBronte  
ih1	48-106-hpclj4550.lbl.gov	48-106 HP4550N JJSalazar; Industrial Hygiene
medserv1	26-143-hplj1200.lbl.gov	26-143 HPLJ1200 TLKinnebrew;C.Grondona;Med.Serv.  
radphys1	17-101a-hp5m.lbl.gov	17-101A HPLJ5M RJDonahue,x5597  
radphys2	radphys2.lbl.gov	17-101A HPCLJ2550 RJDonahue,x5597  
waste1	85-203a-hp4200.lbl.gov	85-201 HP4200 PMBronte  
waste3	85b-101-hp5simx.lbl.gov	85B-101 HPLJ5si PMBronte  
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Engineering Division

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
50a-6134-km 50A-6134 KM4530kx CELawrence,A_whichard
asd7	b937-503-hp5simx.lbl.gov	937-503 HP5SIMX LJMatyas  
asd8	70a-3307d-hp2100n.lbl.gov	70A-3307D HP1200 TJLynem  
at106	46-175g-hp4250.lbl.gov	alias for eng175  
at118	75b-130-hplj5simx.lbl.gov	75B-130 HPLJ5SIMX MJSullivan  
at124	5simx-77-125a.lbl.gov	77-161 HPLJ5M CMJones  
at125	25a-131-hp5m.lbl.gov	25A-174 HP5M CMJones;x5580,EFIG Office. 
at44	lj40001.lbl.gov	46A-1122 HPL4000 CMJones  
at72	46-mezz.lbl.gov	46-204 HPLJ5si CMJones  
darht1	mint.lbl.gov	44B-101 HPLJ5000N CMJones,RPWells@lbl.gov  
did-lj2	50a-6134-hp5m.lbl.gov	50A-6134 HPLJ5M CMJones;x4248,Henrik von der
lj2		alias for did-lj2  
eng175	46-175g-hp4250.lbl.gov	46-175G HPLJ4250 RLHinkins  
engr2	46a-1152-hpclj3800.lbl.gov	46A-1152 HPCLJ3800 GJFish;x7123, JMWolter 
eng1125	46a-1123-hp4600.lbl.gov	46a-1123 HPLJ4600 Jos Polman 
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Facilities Department

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
at116	69-116-hp5simx.lbl.gov	69-116 HPLJ8150 JPon  
at23	69-220-hp5simv.lbl.gov	69-220 HP8150DN; duplex JPon 
stores1	76-123-hp4simx.lbl.gov	76-123 HP8150DN LRPurbaugh  
wrc1	76-222a-hp5m.lbl.gov	76-222A HPLJ5M LASangmaster  
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General Sciences

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
gshp4600	gshp4600.lbl.gov	50-4060 HP4600DN x5374,JTChew  
gstek750		50-4060 Tek750N x5374,JTChew  
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Human Resources

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
erlr1	b65a-110-hp80000n.lbl.gov	65B-110 HPLJ8000 Veronica Nero 
hr1	b937-619-hp8100dn.lbl.gov	937-619 HPL8100 CCCoolahan@lbl.gov  
hrpay	90g-115-hp8150dn.dhcp.lbl.gov	90G-115 HP8150dn Nancy Lee 
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Life Sciences

(Donner is Bldg. 1)
Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
84library 84-103 HPLJ5M DSudar
at93	74-105-hpc4600dn.lbl.gov	74-105 HP4C4500 SMian;A_Chatterjee,x5415  
lsd201	bdgp-lp1.lbl.gov	64-242 HPLJ5si MRHardley  
lspjet		29-224 PaintJet XL300 x6096,Gilbert,David 
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Human Genome/Genomics

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap218		74-217C HPLJ4500N Sheppard,A,x4251  
at81	gingko.lbl.gov	84-334 HPLJ4000N Mary Miller, Simon
at150	NA	JGI100-103C HPLJ4100n CABruzzone  
b84-m7	b84-m7.lbl.gov	84-320c HPLJ4050 MHLubenow  
hgca1	newjersey.jgi-psf.org	JGI100-108f HPLJ5m   
hgca3	mississippi.jgi-psf.org	JGI400-415 HPLJ4050 Ron_McKeever;BSYumae  
hp310	admin-3.jgi-psf.org	same printer as at150 
jgipgf2	rhodeisland.jgi-psf.org	JGI100-108A HPLJ4100 NANichols  
jgipgf3		JGI100-103 HPLJ4100 CABruzzone  
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Material Sciences Division (MSD)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap200	2-200g-hp8100dn.lbl.gov	2-200G HPLJ8100DN D.Hom,x5097  
msdag	66-249-hplj4050tn.lbl.gov	66-249 HP4050N x2276;A.Gill  
msdas1	ptr-2-124-hpc4500dn.lbl.gov	2-124 HP4550DN A_Wingfield/Adv.Spectroscopy  
msdln	66-250a-hp4350dtn.lbl.gov	66-250a HPLJ4350 MLScott, x4666 
susie	66-239-minolta3100qms.lbl.gov	66-250E Minolta3100 SHQuarello  
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Nuclear Science Division (NSD)

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap89	88-105-hp2100tn.lbl.gov	88-105 HP2100TN x7849,PTKobayashi  
at112	at112.lbl.gov	70-234 HPLJ5000N; duplex x4058,JRandrup; 
at17	50-4037c-hplj4000.lbl.gov	50-4037C HPLJ4000N x2884,Colette Gooch 
at88	88-163-hp6mp.lbl.gov	88-ControlRm HPLJ6MP x5088  
at89	88-239-hp8150.lbl.gov	88-239 HPLJ8150N x5980  
at89s	88-239-hp8150.lbl.gov	simplex queue for above printer
at89t	88-239-hp8150.lbl.gov	transparency queue for above printer
hp88	88-239-hp4600dn.lbl.gov	88-239 HPCLJ4600 x7018,PFallon  
nsd2	50-4037f-hp4000	50-4037 HPLJ4kN x4288,JBLofdahl  
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Operations Department

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
at6	90-3136-hp5si.lbl.gov	90-3136 HPLJ5SiMX x4626, Geoffrey C.
badge1		65A-105 HPLJ5M NMDeJager, Badge Office
ap937234	b937-234-hp5simx.lbl.gov	937-234 HPLJ5siMX x6938(LMCorsair)  
cfo7	937-419-hp9000dn	937-419 HP9000 LLBrown  
cfo7-simp	937-419-hp9000dn	937-419 HP9000 LLBrown  
cfo8	939-226-hp8100.lbl.gov	939-226 HP8100 AMNewkirk  
hp69		69-119 HPLJ4250 JWStoner,x6399  
ps2pu69a		937-203 HP9000dn Financial Services 
ps2pu69b	937-223-HP5550C	937-223 HPLJ5550 Financial Services 
ps2pu69e		937-216 HPLJ4M+ John Speros, x4569
ps2pu69g	937-211-hp4m.lbl.gov	937-211 HPLJ4M+ Eva McNeil,x4546 
937-223 937-223 KyoceraMita6330 JPSperos

Physics Division

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
ap6	ap6.lbl.gov	50B-6222 HPLJ 4000N SDCheeseboro;Physics 
ap6-dup	ap6.lbl.gov	50B-6222 HPLJ 4000N duplex SDCheeseboro;Physics
ap25	50-6054-hp4m.lbl.gov	50-5037 IIG Jeff Anderson;x4208;Physics 
ap56		50-5234 HPLJM+ Jeff Anderson;x4208 
at18		same printer as ap56 
ap256	ap256.lbl.gov	50E-1527 HP4M x5533,KLHardy(Physics)  
at12	50-5032-hp4050.lbl.gov	50-5032 HPLJ4050;duplex x7430  
at14	at14.lbl.gov	50-5222 HPLJ8100D;duplex K.Einsweiler,x6623,50B-5246  
at21	50-5040hplj5000dn.lbl.gov	50-5040 HPLJ5000DN;duplex JMMiller  
atlas-sct	50-4008-hplj1200.lbl.gov	50-4008 HPLJ1200 CHHaber;Atlas-SCT  
cdfcolor	cdfcolor.lbl.gov	50b-5222 HPCLJ3700 ASHenderson  
deep	50-5014-hp2300dtn.lbl.gov	50-5014 HPLJ2300 BCLee  
hp61	50a-4112-hplj4100tn.lbl.gov	50A-4112 HPLJ4100N x5132,G.Acosta  
hypercp_s	hypercp.lbl.gov	50-6044 HPLJ4050N G.Gidal,x5638  
hypercp_d	hypercp.lbl.gov	same printer as above, duplex
inpa1	50-5006HPLJ815DN	50-5006 HPLJ8150 KSHope  
inpa1-dup	50-5006HPLJ815DN	same printer as aboe, duplex
inpa2	50b-5204-hp5000n.lbl.gov	50B-5204 HPLJ5000N Jeanne Miller,x5074 
outlab1		label-size/manual feed for outlet1 
outlet1	pdg8150.lbl.gov	50-6008 HPLJ8150 PDG;x4005  
outlet2	pdg8150.lbl.gov	duplex queue for outlet1 printer
outtab1	pdg8150.lbl.gov	tabloid-size queue for outlet1 printer
outtab2	pdg8150.lbl.gov	tabloid-size, duplex queue for outlet1
outtran		transparency queue for outlet1 printer
phys2	phys2.lbl.gov	50B-6222 HP4SI SDCheeseboro,(Physics)  
snap	50-6041-hp5500dn.lbl.gov	50-6041 HP5500 M_Yamato@lbl.gov  
swirly	swirly-50B-5234.dhcp.lbl.gov	50-6026 HP4000N x5201, Sherri Cheeseboro(ASD)
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Physical Biosciences (PBSD) printers

Printername Location Model Contact (@lbl.gov)
at220	3-121-hplj4050.lbl.gov	3-220 HPLJ4050 RMMcfarlane@lbl.gov,x4311  
bioeng1	ljet259.lbl.gov	1-459 HP4V TLHead-Gordon  
pbs3	NA	01-201 HP5200dtn RMMann-McFarlane  
pcolor	mcffs1.als.lbl.gov	alias for printer phys1 

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