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Print commands on Berkeley Lab Computer Center UNIX machines

Print ASCII text files

enscript -Pprinter [ options ] file
lpr -Pprinter file

We recommend using enscript

Print the file in "landscape" mode, that is, left to right along the 11" dimension of the paper.

enscript -Pprinter -r file
Warning: lpr -Pprinter -r file will REMOVE - that is, DELETE - the file!

enscript has many options for printing ASCII files; see "man enscript" for details.

Print a PostScript file

lpr -Pprinter file
Make sure the first line of the file contains these eleven (11) characters, starting in column 1:

Show a Distributed Printing job queue

lpq -Pprinter [ job # ... ] [ user ... ]

Delete a job from a Distributed Printing queue

lprm -Pprinter [ job # ... ] [ user ... ]

Deleting jobs on Solaris

Printing without banner (burst) pages

lpr -h or enscript -h should suppress printing of the banner page.
If you use lp then lp -o nobanner should suppress the banner page.

Print a DVI output file

lpr -Pprinter -d [ options ] file

Print ditroff or troff file on a PostScript printer

Use groff (GNU ditroff)

Print a Tektronix 4014 file

ps4014 file | lpr -Pprinter
ps4014 is available only on the Sun machines at this point.

Man pages

See the man pages for enscript, igrind, lpq, and lprm for a complete description of the command and command line options.

Imagen-related commamnds (imprint, ipr, ipq, iprm) removed

Wed Apr 16 17:56:13 PDT 1997

The Imagen-specific commamnds imprint, ipr, ipq, iprm were removed because the last Imagen printer was retired April 9.

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