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Freeing a printer captured by Windows NT

The printer showed up for a bit on AppleTalk after powercyling and then disappeared again.

I checked in AppleTalk and saw something like this 50B-1232 HP 4Si hp4d:XYZ LaserWriter@Net R64 instead of
50B-1232 HP 4Si hp4d:LaserWriter@Net R64

XYZ.lbl.gov is somebody's PC.
So I called the owner and indeed he had captured it. And, again, after he set it free, hp4d is printing away.

How to free a printer captured by NT

Goto   Start menu
Goto   Settings
Goto   Printers
Select Printer
Goto   File Menu
Goto   Properties
This brings a windowful of options, including Ports
Under Ports
Highlight the printer of interest
Click "Configure port"
This brings up one window which reads "Capture this AppleTalk printing device"
Mark sure this options is NOT marked.

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