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November 2006


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Beware of New Internet Explorer 7

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The IT Division continues to block the new release of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 7 to all computers in IT's Active Directory, which includes most Lab Windows users. At this point, IE 7 has not proven to be compatible with many of the Lab's institutional systems, including the following:

• eBuy • eRoom • FMS • Gelco • MAXIMO • RAPID • Other LBNL business applications

For IT status updates visit the Lab's wiki. Read more.

Library Services Web Server Down

Due to unintended access and disclosure concerns, the Library Services Web Server is currently down while upgrades are performed. Staff is still available to help with:

Michael Golden
Michael V. Golden

Library Adds New Reference Librarian

The Library's new reference desk librarian, Michael V. Golden, is here to assist scientists and staff with reference queries for online and physical article searches. Michael joins LBNL with a Master’s in Library and Information Science and eight years experience as an academic reference librarian at University of Missouri, Kansas City, and other campuses. He has an additional five years experience as a bench scientist in chemistry after completing his undergraduate degree in chemistry. He also helps employees obtain books and reference materials in-house or via inter-library loan or pay-on-demand services. Scientists may email their queries, and the reference desk is usually able to reply within several hours. Michael is available at x5621 or


Ergonomics: Report Injuries Promptly

Reporting discomfort quickly is the responsibility of everyone—supervisors and staff alike. Supervisors and staff are encouraged to discuss ergonomics regularly and to review ergonomic evaluation recommendations and implement ergonomic hazard controls. Supervisors should check in periodically with employees to ensure that adjustments are a good fit and employees have been trained to use new equipment. The ergonomic evaluation in the ERGO Database can be closed accordingly. For more information, contact your EH&S Liaison or Safety Coordinator.


IT Maintenance Schedule

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Check out the IT Division’s preventative maintenance schedule. Note: The IT Division may not use every scheduled maintenance downtime. Depending on the type of maintenance, the following services may or may not be available during each scheduled outage periods (7 a.m. – noon the second and fourth Sundays of each month): email, LDAP, main Lab web server, and Novell file and print services. If you have any questions, contact the IT Help Desk (x4357).


Protecting Your Computer

Policy Reminder:
Unacceptable Use

Unacceptable use of lab information technology resources includes: viewing sexually explicit material, gambling, hacking, engaging in a private enterprise (e.g., running a business), or conducting fraud, embezzlement, or theft. Engaging in these activities may result in disciplinary action. For details, see the unacceptable use section of the Lab’s RPM.


Email Spam on the Rise

Recently, Lab staff may have noticed an increase in spam. Spam has been spiking worldwide due to a sudden increase in a new type of spam, image-based messages. Image-based spam contains an advertisement embedded within the message in common attachments like a .gif or .jpeg file, making it more difficult for spam blockers to identify. Some organizations have been slowed down by this increase, but LBNL servers have been fine. The IT Division blocks about 50 percent of all incoming email as spam, although a small percentage still gets through the filter. If you receive spam, delete it. IT is working on implementing new solutions that promise to improve spam control.


Donít Forget to Purge Unused Accounts

The LBNL Computer Protection Program recommends that computer users remove any unneeded or outdated accounts from their computers. Unused accounts are a potentially vulnerable entry point for cyber attackers, so please purge them routinely. 

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Monthly Virus Update: More Than 90,000 Worms Out of Commission

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed 90,718 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. The number is similar to the number in September, which was 88,432. As a best practice, users should continue to be wary of unexpected emails and attachments—and make sure security software and patches are up to date.

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