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May 2006


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Be Alert to Warning Signs of Computer-Related Injuries

Employees who spend a considerable amount of time working on their computers should be alert to signs and symptoms of possible cumulative trauma disorder (CTD) resulting from poor workstation ergonomics. Employees at risk of CTD associated with computer use may experience:

Employees who notice any of the signs of cumulative trauma disorder should report them as early as possible to prevent serious injury or permanent damage.

LBNL has implemented an Ergonomics Program to help minimize ergonomic hazards that lead to CTD and related injuries and illnesses. The EH&S Ergonomic Program includes detailed information on workstation recommendations, including posture: chair, monitor, keyboard and mouse selection and adjustment; on-site resources for ergonomic equipment, LBNL resources, Web resources, and StretchWare (software which reminds users to take breaks and stretch) for Mac and PC workstations.

While the Ergonomics Program provides a link where employees can electronically request an ergonomics evaluation of their workstation, you should also report your concerns immediately to your supervisor, division safety coordinator or EH&S Division liaison. This will ensure quick response to potential problems.


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Got ICE in Your Cell Phone?

The IT Division’s Telephone Services recommends that you turn your cell phone into a source of valuable information for emergency responders. Put the acronym “ICE” (in case of emergency) in your cell address book before the names of people that you want to be your emergency contacts. For details, go here.


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Logout Now to Enable Shared Access to Library's Web of Science

The LBNL Library has a license that allows five concurrent users to access Web of Science, the online scientific citation database, at any one time. Users are advised to please logout upon completion of a search. Keeping a session open ties up a licensed seat for up to 60 minutes, and prohibits another user's access. Please help make this resource available to all who need it.




Protecting Your Computer

Cyber Security Advisory: Register Your Computer

As part of the Computer Protection Program's requirements for cyber security, all computers and other network equipment that use the Berkeley Lab network must be registered in the Network Equipment Tracking System (NETS). Beginning on Wednesday (May 31), this requirement will extend to visitors and will be mandatory for all new equipment. To update your registration and read more about new requirements, visit the NETS website.

Watch Out for Social Engineering Scams

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Cyber threats that utilize “social engineering” rely on human interaction to distribute malicious code and/or gather information. Social engineering thrives on human curiosity and helpfulness.

The Computer Protection Program (CPP) offers these tips:

Take the Annual Required Cyber Security Training

The 2006 edition of Computer Security Annual Refresher Training is now online. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete and covers important cyber security topics applicable to all users. The course is mandatory for all LBNL employees with computer access, and is encouraged, but not required, for participating guests. To take the course, go here. For assistance, contact the IT Help Desk.

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Monthly Virus Update: More Than 54,000 Worms Dead on Arrival

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed 54,360 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. In contrast, the number in March was 64,635.

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