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June 2006


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Mathematica Group Licenses Now Discounted

Several DOE laboratories, including LBNL, have coordinated a purchasing effort to buy Mathematica products and support at discounted pricing. Under a group license agreement, users receive a three-year license subscription. For details on pricing, go here. To fill out an order form for Mathematica, go here. For questions about pricing, please call the Site License Coordinator (x2530, x6107) or send email to


Ergonomics image

Ergonomics: Make It a Priority to Order Equipment

Employees and their supervisors are responsible for making sure that work areas are safe and appropriate. Staff members who spend four hours per day or more at a computer are required to have their workstation evaluated. A routine evaluation should be performed every three years, and employees who move or have any significant changes in equipment should have a routine evaluation performed. If an ergonomics evaluator recommends new equipment, supervisors are responsible for making sure that the equipment arrives in a timely manner. Special equipment can be purchased here ó ask your divisionís purchasing contact for details. For questions, contact your division safety coordinator or EH&S Division liaison.



Library Seeks Users of SciFinder's Chemical Abstracts Service

The LBNL Library is looking to acquire a license for SciFinder's Chemical Abstracts Service, an online research tool that enables searching nearly a century of research. SciFinder allows users to explore chemical structures and biological sequences, search databases relevant to topic, author, company, substance and reaction. If 40 users commit interest, unlimited access to the service would cost about $1900/per user/per year. Fewer users increase the cost proportionally. The professional version of SciFinder features saved sessions and reports, patent searching, and topical alerts to increase efficiencies when developing new materials. To obtain a personal logon-password license, contact Jane Tierney (x4400).


Interested in MacBooks?

MacBook Pro

The Mac/PC group has several MacBook Pro 17" 2.16Ghz Intel systems in stock. Each has 2GB of memory and a 100GB hard drive. If you have an immediate need for a system like this, call the IT Division Desk (x4357), and they will connect you.


Protecting Your Computer

Cyber Team from DOE Gives LBNL High Ratings

A team from the Office of Science conducted a large-scale review of the Lab’s cyber security programs last week. The team named LBNL’s accomplishments, and recommended a number of improvements.  Mike Robertson, the Office of Science’s cyber manager, concluded that Berkeley Lab has an impressive cyber security culture, ranking LBNL in the top scorers of all DOE labs in this area.

"Last week’s site visit was valuable for both the Lab and the DOE Office of Security,” said Director Steven Chu. “DOE's efforts helped us assess and strengthen our cyber infrastructure. Most importantly, DOE identified LBNL as exhibiting some of the best practices in cyber security in the DOE complex.”

CIO Sandy Merola said these results show that LBNL has established an effective cyber security that protects the open research environment and adds value to LBNL's scientific competitiveness.  For questions about this audit or computer security in general, contact your computer security liaison. Other resources are available here.

Physical Security Makes Sense

Security image

Protect your computer and other devices in your surroundings. Here are a few things you can do:

Computer worm image

Monthly Virus Update: More Than 52,000 Worms Gone for Good

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed 52,084 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. In contrast, the number in April was 54,360.

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