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July 2006


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Email Free for Month of July

The IT Division will not charge for email storage for the month of July due to budget adjustments resulting from improved efficiencies. The email group continues to work on a new email funding model.

IT studentsThe FaST group.

IT Hosts Faculty/Student Team from Washington State

Far from Big Bend Community College in Moses Lake, Washington, Professor Zachariah Tanko and his students, James Arriaga and Brice Lucero, joined the IT Division for the summer. The group is part of the DOE/LBNL Faculty and Student Team (FaST) program. Read more about the team and their activities.

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New Versions of Thunderbird and Firefox Now Available

New LBNL custom installer packages for the latest release of Thunderbird and Firefox for Windows and Mac systems are now available here. The Thunderbird package is pre-configured to work with the Lab’s IMAP email. For detailed information on how to migrate, click on the "How to" link below the application on the download page. For additional information on customization, go here. Read more about new features.


Ergonomics: Prevent Discomfort

Ergo injuries are preventable if discomfort is reported early! Common symptoms include: • Soreness • Pain • Numbness • Cramping • Tingling • Burning • Swelling • Loss of strength • Change in skin color • Stiffness, loss of flexibility • Sore eyes

When you begin to experience musculoskeletal discomfort 1) Notify your supervisor and safety coordinator, 2) Request an ergonomic evaluation, and 3) Seek medical assistance from Health Services. For additional information contact Ira Janowitz, EH&S Division (x7170).


Make Mine a Mac Day at Berkeley Lab

Apple representatives will join with IT Division staff and members of the Mac Users Group from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Friday, Aug. 11, in Perseverance Hall. Over the noon hour, Apple’s Tim White will give a short presentation on the technological changes in Mac’s product line (MacBookPro, Intel Duo Core, etc).  Read more.


IT Computer Store

MPC system

The IT Division’s Computer Store is designed to make it easy to buy desktops, laptops, monitors and computer-related equipment and systems.  The store includes a link to Dell that allows buyers to request custom quotes on a variety of equipment in addition to IT-recommended standard laptops.


Protecting Your Computer

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Beware of Unexpected PowerPoint Files

A new virus is circulating on the Internet via poisoned PowerPoint (.ppt) files. This new vulnerability currently has no security patch. The best defense is to not open any .ppt file you were not expecting. If you receive a suspicious-looking .ppt file, send it unopened to the Computer Protection Program. For details, go here.

Your Money or Your Laptop

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Remember that laptops are attractive to thieves. Use caution in:

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Monthly Virus Update: More Than 61,000 Worms Go Belly Up

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed 61,374 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. In contrast, the number in May was 52,084. As a best practice, users should continue to be wary of unexpected emails and attachments.

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