January 30, 2006
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Email Storage Rate Cut By 20 Percent

IT reduced the rate charged for IMAP email storage by 20 percent to $1.40 per megabyte (Mbyte) per month for storage over 100 Mbytes. This reduction (from the current rate of $1.75 per Mbyte) takes effect for the January billing month, which ended Thursday, Jan. 19.  The IT Division, in collaboration with its Labwide IT Advisory Committee (ITAC), did an in-depth analysis of the email costing model, and IT determined it could reduce the storage rate during this budget cycle.  IT will continue to work with ITAC to review alternative email rate structures.

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Telephone Rates Reduced by 40 Percent and More

Usage rates for telephone service have been reduced on average 40 percent for local, 50 percent for domestic long distance, and 90 percent for international calls since fiscal year 2004.  These rate reductions were made possible by favorable contract negotiations, improved efficiencies, and the completion of major projects funded through usage rates.  For questions, please call Richard Gregory (x7947).

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Library Adds Back Files to 1945 to Web of Science

The LBNL Library recently acquired additional access back files dating back to 1945 from Web of Science, the online scientific citation database. The Library has a license that allows five concurrent users to access the website at any one time. Users are advised to please logout upon completion of a search. Keeping a session open ties up a licensed seat for up to 60 minutes, and prohibits another user’s access. Please help make this resource available to all who need it.

IT Hosts Student Interns from Local Colleges

Each year the IT Division brings in a number of students from local community colleges as part of a school-to-career program that is now in its seventh year.  “Internships assist students with furthering their education goals, and give them hands-on experience in computer support and maintenance,” said Charlie Verboom, IT’s Workstation Support Group Lead and sponsoring mentor of the interns.  Read students’ stories here.

Tip of the Month

  IT Computer Training Room For Rent

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The IT Divisionís computer training room (90-26) is available for hands-on computer training for anything from business applications to scientific programs. The room has an instructorís workstation and 15 student workstations. Each system is imaged with the Labís standard version of the Windows XP operating system, but classes requiring Linux can also be accommodated. Contact the Help Desk (x4357) to make a reservation. Cost is $160/day. The roomís current schedule is available here. (Entries labeled Workshop/Seminar Block are specifically reserved for scientific customers sponsoring events that require longer blocks of time. If these blocks remain unclaimed a month prior to the scheduled date, these reservations will be removed.)

 Protecting Your Computer
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New Minimum Security Requirements Named

The Office of the CIO and the Computer Protection Program (CPP) have published the minimum security requirements that computer systems connected to the LBNL network must meet. Systems that do not meet these requirements will not be allowed on the network, which is no change from current cyber security practices. This policy applies to all computer systems connected to the LBNL network, but does not apply to systems on the visitor network (e.g. wireless network). These requirements will evolve with changing technology and threats. To read the list of requirements, go here.

Stay tuned for more information and documentation from CPP on how to implement minimum security requirements.

Reminder: Calendar No Longer Able to Change Passwords

The ability to change LDAP passwords through the Oracle Calendar client was disabled last month. Now the only way to change an LDAP (calendar and email) password is through the password change Web site. Calendar users must upgrade to Version 10, available here. This version automatically updates passwords, unlike older versions. To check which version of Calendar you’re currently using, select Help/About (for Windows) or Oracle Calendar/About (for OSX) from the pull down menu.

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Monthly Virus Update: More Than 153,000 Worms Destroyed

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed a holiday surge of 153,507 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. In contrast, the number in November was 82,608.