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December 2006


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Shut Down Non-Essential Computers before Leaving for the Holidays

Lab computers are targeted more frequently over holidays than at any other time. Please shut down your computer unless it is absolutely necessary that it stay running. If you must keep it running, be sure to update the security patches so that it does not fall prey to attacks. If you think your system has been attacked, contact the Computer Protection Program. Those with computer security-related emergencies can call x7770.

Library Services Restored

Library shelves

The Library website is now online again, restoring access to catalog services for the book, journal, reference, circulation and inter-library loans and acquisition services. The reports catalog and reports coordination submissions will be processed manually until an automated system can be developed to securely handle documents. All private documents have been removed from the reports server, including titles and authors. For help, contact the Library staff at For document submissions or public report/document searches, contact Jean Wolslegel (x6504 or

Check Out New Downloads Page

Software icon

The IT Division has partnered with Engineering to remake LBNL’s downloads website. The new site is easier to use with search capabilities and better platform and category organization. requires LDAP authentication and provides users with a download history. It also includes site licensed software (e.g. Symantec), free software that IT re-packages (e.g. Firefox) as well as open source recommendations (e.g. Gimp). In the future the site will accommodate software for purchase, license tracking and possible RSS feed for notification when new software is released.


New BLIS Reporting System (BRS)


The BLIS Reporting System has been redesigned for ease-of-use and provides users with a simple interface and new keyboard shortcuts for ergonomics. (Simply type “brs” in the address bar.) BRS can run the following: project expense reports, eBuy reports, funding and other reports. Part of the Berkeley Lab Information System (BLIS), BRS has a new “drill down” capability that gives users a closer view of the numbers and allows them to select which type of report output from multiple formats (e.g. Excel, pdf, html).


Protecting Your Computer

UCLA Hack Is a Reminder to Protect Private Information


Last week a hacker infiltrated a UCLA database with names, social security numbers, and other private information of 800,000 students, alumni, and employees. LBNL employees who process personal information are reminded to be careful to protect this information. In particular, social security numbers, driver's license numbers, and financial account numbers are protected by California law. These kinds of information must be stored only in institutional business systems such as HRIS and FMS or in well secured paper files. More information about privacy protection at LBNL can be found here. Information about the UCLA breach can be found here.

Laptop Thefts at Cafés Continue


Three recent instances of aggressive physical theft of laptops from people working at cafés have been reported in Berkeley and Oakland. Always be alert to your surroundings and remember that your laptop is an expensive piece of equipment sitting next to your latte - an attractive target for criminals. Learn more about IT physical security from the Computer Protection Program here.

Monthly Virus Update: More Than 90,000 Worms Gone Cold

Computer worm image

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed 90,714 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. The number is almost exactly the same as the number in October, which was 90,718. As a best practice, users should continue to be wary of unexpected emails and attachments—and make sure security software and patches are up to date.

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