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 October 31, 2005
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New Audio Conference Service Offered at the Lab

In an effort to reduce costs, IT Division’s Telephone Services is providing a new audio conference service at a 70 percent lower cost per minute, effective Tuesday, Nov. 1. The service also offers users the flexibility to schedule their own teleconferences any time of day (24/7) without having to submit a request. Users are assigned a 20-party audio conference account with both toll-free and toll numbers. International callers must use the toll number. Larger audio conference accounts can be set up, as needed. Go here for more information, or call Telephone Services (x7997).

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Library Adds Backfiles to 1945 for Web of Science

The Berkeley Lab Library has recently added Science Citation Index backfiles to 1945 to its online collection. Previously, searches could only be accessed online to articles published in scientific journals since 1994. This additional access allows a greater level of queries and returns on all sciences represented in the database compiled by Web of Science. A library survey in 2004 indicated that additional resources in online research were highly desired by Lab scientists. If the Lab does not subscribe to the journal where the article was published, users will only be able to view citation information and not access the full article. For help, write library@lbl.gov or call x5621.

Appletalk/IPX/DECNET Phase-Out Ends Nov. 8

The IT Division will conclude its phase-out of Appletalk, IPX, and DECNET routing on Tuesday, Nov. 8.  The most common problem observed during the phase-out so far has been the need to re-add printers to Macs that have not yet converted to IP printing, said Nat Stoddard of the IT Help Desk. For instructions, go to the How-To Section of the Appletalk Resource Site.

eRoom to Be Recharged in November

The IT Division’s eRoom service is a Web-based collaborative workspace that provides users with the ability to access task lists, databases, polling, project plans, chat and files (with version control). eRoom will be recharged starting in November at $12/month per person (regardless of the number of eRooms used) and $2.50/gigabyte per month for eRooms using more than 1 gigabyte of space. Additional charges for time and materials for setup, consulting and training may be incurred. Go here for details. To open or cancel an account, email eroom@lbl.gov.

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All IT Services Now on One Bill

Effective November 15, the IT Division will invoice all chargeable IT services (e.g., charges for LBLnet, Help Desk, backups, Library, UNIX cluster support, etc.) on a single bill.  All authorized users (current telephone bill recipients) will receive email notification prior to the system going live.

IT Division Upgrade to Interrupt Network and Voicemail

The IT Division will perform an electrical upgrade on some of its communications equipment on Saturday, Nov. 5, between 7 and 10 a.m. This will interrupt the Lab's voicemail and network (LBLnet). Telephone service will not be affected.

Service Tip

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BLIS Update

Berkeley Lab Information Systems (BLIS) portal recently added new features. The web portal now offers a new channel called My Work Queue, which allows users to approve purchase requisitions before they show up in email inboxes. Users can add this functionality to their personalized portal and approve purchase requisitions directly in PeopleSoft. Soon this feature will be single sign-on, allowing users to approve purchase requisitions in PeopleSoft without having to enter in user names and passwords again. In the future, My Work Queue will include timekeeping activities, invoices to be certified, travel authorizations and more.

 Protecting Your Computer
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Cyber Security Alert: All Windows Systems Must Run Custom Virus Check

All Microsoft Windows systems at LBNL must run this custom virus check available here. This check is necessary to detect a possible malicious piece of software, which is undetectable by other means. It takes about 1 to 5 minutes to execute, and scan results are sent directly to a central server of the Computer Protection Program (CPP) for analysis. If the scan does not launch automatically, you may need to save it and re-open it from your computer. The scan will only run once per computer. For help, contact CPP at cppm@lbl.gov.

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DHCP-Connected Web Servers No Longer Accessible Via Internet

Earlier this month, the Computer Protection Program implemented additional perimeter protection for DHCP hosts, making web servers that are connected to DHCP no longer accessible to the Internet. If you want to run a web server that must be accessed by people outside of LBNL (via the Internet), you must acquire and configure a static IP address.  To obtain a static IP address, please fill out this form. Read more.

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OnGuardOnLine.gov Provides Internet Security Awareness Education

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), along with government and private sector cyber security specialists, has launched OnGuardOnline.gov, a web site that aims to educate consumers about phishing, spam, spyware and conducting business over the Internet securely. The site also provides links to forms for reporting fraud and attacks.

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Monthly Virus Update: More Than 64,000 Worms Destroyed

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and eradicated 64,630 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. In contrast, the number in July was 46,025.