November 30, 2005
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Enhanced 911 Service Starts Dec. 1

A new phone alert system called “Enhanced 911” will be activated on Thursday, Dec. 1, making it easier and faster for emergency responders to locate Lab employees who call emergency numbers – 7911, 911, or 9911. The exact location (building and office number) of an employee who calls one of these numbers will now be automatically provided to emergency personnel. Previously, these calls showed up to the dispatcher as being from “One Cyclotron Road.” A demonstration of Enhanced 911 will be held in the cafeteria on Thursday, Dec.1, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. by IT Division staff and representatives from the Alameda County, Berkeley and UC Fire Departments.

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IT Tips for Buying a Laptop Using the Lab’s New Vendor

Interested in buying a new laptop? The IT Division recommends that Lab staff purchase laptops in the Dell Latitude series (410, 610, and 810). For details on purchasing a new laptop, check out the Berkeley Lab Computer Store and click on the laptop/desktop icon. The Lab’s vendor, KST, has created a number of standard configurations to fit the needs of most users called “sweet spots.” Read more.

Dec. 1 Seminar by SGI to Discuss Visualization for Sciences

On Thursday, Dec. 1, representatives from Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) will visit Berkeley Lab to discuss recent hardware and software visualization products. The one-hour seminar will be held from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in 50B-4205. Sponsored by the Computational Research Division’s Visualization Group, this seminar is open to any Lab staff using or interested in scientific visualization hardware and software technology.

Calendar No Longer Able to Change Passwords

The ability to change LDAP passwords through the Oracle Calendar client will be disabled on Wednesday, Dec. 7. After this date, the only method for changing a LDAP (calendar and email) password will be through the password change Web site. Calendar users must upgrade to version 10, available here. To check which version of Calendar you’re currently using, select Help/About (for Windows) or Oracle Calendar/About (for OSX) from the pulldown menu. Version 10 Calendar clients automatically update passwords, but older versions do not.

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IT Computer Training Room Available For Rent

The IT Division’s computer training room (90-26) is available for hands-on computer training for anything from business applications to scientific programs. The room has an instructor’s workstation and 15 student workstations.  Each system is imaged with the Lab’s standard version of the Windows XP operating system, but classes requiring Linux can also be accommodated. Contact the Help Desk (x4357) to make a reservation. Cost is $160/day. The room’s current schedule is available here.

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Did you know that you can request help from the IT Help Desk by typing in “help” in your Web browser? Go to http://help/. New account requests are now available on this site, too. To find other useful links to IT services (e.g. as software downloads, calendar, printing and backups) use the reference links on the help page or go here.

 Protecting Your Computer
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Remember to Shut Down Computers Over the Holidays

Attacks on Lab computers are the highest during the holidays. The Computer Protection Program (CPP) urges users to shut down their computers before leaving for vacation unless it is absolutely necessary to keep the system running. If it must be kept running, be sure to tighten security so that it does not fall prey to attacks. If you suspect that a system has been attacked, email CPP. If you have a computer security-related emergency, call x7770.

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Users Advised to Avoid Internet Explorer Due to Recent Security Hole

Recently, a security vulnerability was found in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE), which does not yet have a patch. This means Lab users should exercise caution when using IE, and avoid Web sites that they’re not sure are secure. The Computer Protection Program advises users to utilize IE only when a Web site or application requires it. Use the Lab-issued standard Web browser Mozilla whenever possible. Go here to download the latest version of Mozilla. To read more about the exploit, go here.

Self-Service Passwords Soon Available Online

Soon Lab employees will be able to reset their passwords and choose their own secret questions via a website without calling the IT Help Desk, making it possible to change a password anytime. The IT Division will be completing a test phase on self-service passwords in December. The service will be available Labwide in January, with all Lab organizations being phased into the service over the next few months. Stay tuned.

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Monthly Virus Update: More Than 51,000 Worms Eradicated

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard LBNL systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and destroyed 51,705 worms and viruses, almost all of which targeted Windows systems. In contrast, the number in September was 64,630.