February, 2005
IMAGE: Berkeley Lab Library

Library's Journal Funding Restored

The results of the recent Library Journal Survey, completed by 1,330 employees, have helped spur the restoration of $580,000 to the Library's journal budget. This decision by Director Chu will allow the renewal of subscriptions to Elsevier and other journals and the addition of new subscriptions. The Berkeley Lab Library Committee (LLC) will determine the additions in consultation with ITSD and the Computing and Communications Services Advisory Committee (CSAC). Researchers can offer preferences or concerns to their LLC division representative.

IMAGE: Mozilla logo

Reminder to Netscape 4.75 Users: Time to Migrate to Mozilla

If you’re still using Netscape 4.75, ITSD encourages you to migrate to Mozilla as your standard browser and email client. The supported versions of Mozilla for Macs, PCs and Linux are on the download page. Starting this June, in order to minimize the cost of supporting old products, ITSD will be limiting support for Netscape 4.75 and assist users with conversion to the new standard wherever possible. ITSD will continue to evaluate browser and email clients for recommended use in the future.

IMAGE: MS Office logo

Online MS Office Training Now Available

Through an agreement with CompUSA, ITSD is now offering online training for MS Office applications at all levels. These online training modules are available for $159 per student and will be accessible through the end of the calendar year. (Note: Students must use Internet Explorer to access the training; Mozilla will not work.) Contact Heather Pinto for more information.

IMAGE: Windows logo

Microsoft Has Ended Support for Windows NT 4.0

Microsoft ended support for Windows NT 4.0 server at the end of 2004; and support for Windows 4.0 workstation ended mid-2004. Users of this legacy operating system face escalating security risks due to new-found vulnerabilities to which there are no new fixes. Contact CPP’s Gene Schultz for more information. Read more.

Service Tip

IMAGE: Red Hat Linux logo

Take Advantage of Red Hat Licensing Program

The Berkeley Lab has a licensing agreement with other DOE Labs and Red Hat, Inc. for broad deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Version 4 of Red Hat Enterprise Linux was recently released. By purchasing subscriptions through the DOE/Red Hat licensing program, users receive Red Hat updates and a considerable cost savings over retail. Users may request to take advantage of this program; contact the Lab’s site license coordinator.

 Protecting Your Computer

Enrollment for Network Security Course Is Now Open

Enrollment for Network Security, a Computer Protection Program course which provides a comprehensive view of networking, is now open. This course will be taught from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Thursday, March 24 in Bldg. 70A-3377. For a class description and to enroll go online. There is no charge for attending, but space is limited.

Warning: Do Not Use the Mugu Marauder "Strike Back" Screen Saver

A new "strike back" tool similar to the Lycos screen saver that was released several months ago is now available on the Internet. Called the "Mugu Marauder," this tool is designed to send a massive amount of network traffic to bank "phishing" sites that trick users into revealing credit card and account information. The Lab's Computer Protection Program does not use strike-back tactics; use of this tool on Lab machines or by machines not owned by the Lab but connected to Lab networks is not allowed.

IMAGE: 'computer virus'

Monthly Virus Update: More than 75,000 Worms and Viruses Stopped Cold

The Lab's virus wall continues to guard Lab systems against worm and virus infections. Last month it detected and eradicated 75,420 worms and viruses, almost all of which target Windows systems. In contrast, the number in January was 108,627. Read more.