December 19, 2005
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Mozilla Update New Versions to Be Tested, Security Issues

Although Mozilla has released versions of both its Firefox browser and Thunderbird mail client, the IT Division is waiting until full production versions of the 1.5 releases are available. Division staff will then thoroughly test the browsers to identify any potential problems before they are recommended as the Lab’s standard browser. In the meantime, if you are running anything less current than Mozilla 1.7.12, you should update to the most current version. Read more.

Tip of the Month

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If you use the Lab’s central IMAP service for email, you can change your vacation message using the Web interface. The Lab’s webmail also lets you tailor your message for Lab and outside contacts. Read more.



 Protecting Your Computer
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Reminder: Shut Down Non-Essential Computers before Leaving for the Holidays

Lab computers are targeted more frequently over holidays than at any other time. Please shut down your computer unless it is absolutely necessary that it stay running. If you must keep it running, be sure to update the security patches so that it does not fall prey to attacks. If you think your system has been attacked, contact the Computer Protection Program. Those with computer security-related emergencies can call x7770.

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Monthly Virus Update

In November, the Lab’s Virus Wall found and deleted 82,608 incoming worms and viruses before they could infect Berkeley Lab computers. This is the highest monthly total for 2005. For the year to date through November, the total number of viruses deleted totaled 593,458.

The Lab’s Computer Protection Program tracks viruses and provides descriptions of them on its Web site.