February, 2004
Password Registration Process Simplified
In an effort to help new employess get started faster using Lab services like email and calendar, ITSD and the Site Access Office have collaborated to make the assignment of "LDAP" passwords a smoother process. Starting Wednesday, February 18, new employees who report to the site access office, in Building 65A, to get their LBNL badges will also be assigned a temporary LDAP password.

Cellular Number Portability and Usage Review

Cellular users are now able to change service providers without changing their cellular phone number. Here are some things that you need to know before deciding to make that change:

Authorized Procurement of Book and Journal Publication Charges

Lab staff ordering books, journal articles, journal publication page charges, reports, reprints, and the like must use the forms provided by the Library Processing Section. Unauthorized book, journal and reprint procurements represent an audit risk to the Lab, so please follow the correct procedures. TEID will no longer authorize or sign for unauthorized procurements as of March 1, 2004.

More information and the pre-approval form can be found here.
Check the status of book and reprint orders here.

Registering Report Publications

This is a reminder to all Lab employees who publish articles in scientific and technical publications. All articles written by Lab employees must be processed through the Technical and Electronic Information Department Report Coordination Office (RCO). This Lab policy is based on a Department of Energy policy regarding scientific and technical information.

IMAGE: Linux mascot
Bulk Purchase Agreement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS
Because of the great demand for Red Hat Enterprise Linux at the Lab, ITSD has negotiated a bulk purchase agreement for Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS and has made it available to Lab users at a deep discount.

Users should note that Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS is considered the migration path from Red Hat 9.0; however, it is not an upgrade and will require a reinstallation of the system.

Users interested in purchasing a license should contact Liz Radding - LARadding@lbl.gov - to get media and installation keys.

Telephone Service Center's Questions of the Month
Q: How do I receive a fax message in my voice mailbox?

Tip of the Month: Clearing your Email Trash
About 15 percent of the mail stored on the Lab’s mail servers is trash; needless to say, this isn’t the best use for mail servers. When you delete an email message from the Inbox, it is sent to the Trash folder. However, these deleted emails are not removed from the email servers until your trash folder is cleared.

 Protecting Your Computer
IMAGE: Computer security
Security Basics Course to Be Offered Feb. 26
Computer security is becoming increasingly important; according to some statistics an Internet-connected system is now attacked an average of three to five times a day. What are the major threats, and what kinds of solutions work best? These issues will be addressed in a free course, Security Basics, offered by the Computer Protection Program.

The course description is here. The course will be held on Thursday, February 26, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. (with a short lunch break) in Bldg. 54 (Perseverance Hall). Enrollment is limited and is available on a first come, first serve basis. To enroll visit https://hris.lbl.gov/

Brown Bag: February 24 Linux Security Update
Changes that will drastically affect security for Red Hat Linux users are in the making. Greg Kurtzer will give a Computer Protection brown-bag talk on these changes at noon Tuesday, Feb. 24, in Perseverance Hall. Attendees should bring their lunch and questions.

Monthly Virus Update: New Deadhat Worm Targets Windows
The LBNL virus wall continued to detect and eradicate many worms and viruses last month. How many? The viruswall kept a total of 8893 worms and viruses from getting to Lab users' computers.