October, 2003
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Mozilla Identified as New Standard Browser, Email Client for the Lab
After several months of research and extensive testing, the Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department has selected Mozilla as the new Lab standard application for Internet browser and email client. A Lab-customized version of Mozilla will be phased in as a replacement for the current standard Netscape 4.75, which is out of date and no longer supported by Netscape (but which is still supported by the Lab Help Desk).

Need a New PC? Lab has a Web Page to Make it Easier
The Lab’s Desktop Support Group routinely gets calls from Lab staff members asking how to order a new computer. All computer purchases must go through the Lab’s Procurement Department, but employees can use a specialized Web site to configure the desired system to get the procurement process started.

More Expensive Upgrades Looming for Users of RedHat Linux

First Microsoft announced it was ending pay-as-you-go upgrades, then Apple instituted a similar program. Now, RedHat, makers of one of the most popular versions of the Linux operating system, is planning to follow the leaders. The result? An estimated 700 employees running Linux on their desktop systems could find themselves paying $175 a year to ensure they have the most current, robust and secure version of Linux.

Policy Reminder: Unauthorized Use of Network and Telecommunications Equipment

Attaching unauthorized equipment to the Laboratory's networking and telecommunications infrastructure is not permitted. This includes the installation of wiring and conduit to set up individual systems.

Help Desk Phone System to Be Revamped to Provide More Options to Callers

Beginning Monday, Nov. 17, Lab employees calling the Lab’s computer support Help Desk (x4357) will have more options, ranging from leaving a message sooner to waiting on the line beyond the current two-minute limit to having a menu which directs them to staff for particular areas of assistance.

New System is Terminating Accounts – and Generating Questions
The Termination Notification System (TNS), which automatically terminates or disables accounts when employees leave the Lab, has been implemented for all LBNL divisions since August. Since TNS went into full production, a number of questions have come up. Here are some of them, with the answers.

 Protecting Your Computer
Cyber Security Expert Howard Schmidt to Speak on Nov. 11
Howard Schmidt, until recently the chief cyber security advisor to President Bush and now the chief information security officer for eBay, will be talking on the state of computer and information security in the U.S. at the next Computer Protection Program Brown Bag Event. Schmidt’s talk, entitled “The national strategy to secure cyberspace and cyber security is everyone's job,” starts at noon, Tuesday, November 11, in Bldg. 50A-5132.

Surprise -- Five New Windows Security Vulnerabilities Need to Be Patched!
Microsoft has recently announced five new vulnerabilities in Windows operating systems such as Windows NT 4.0, 2000, and XP, as well as Microsoft Exchange 5.5 and 2000. These vulnerabilities could enable unauthorized persons to completely take over your system.

Monthly Virus Update
Once again, the LBNL virus wall was incredibly busy as it detected and eradicated 179,487 viruses last month. The Sobig.F worm led all others once more, with 166,489 instances detected and eradicated.