July, 2003
MPC ClientPro 345
Upgraded PC Configuration Now Available under Lab BOA, Order Now to Ensure End-of-Year Availability
The latest PC configuration based on the MPC (formerly Micron) ClientPro 345 is now available under the Lab’s Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) for PCs.

TEID Newsletter Describes Capabilities in Animation, Digital Photography
Read about the latest TEID has to offer in the fields of animation and digital photography. Animation provides a powerful new visualization tool for science, and TEID has entered the field on the macro, molecular, and submolecular levels. And TEID's Canon EOS-1 Ds digital camera can provide high-resolution, poster-sized photos up to 4,000 by 2,700 pixels.

Tip of the Month: MPC (Micron Computer) Information Available On Line
The Desktop Support Group often gets the question: "What software and hardware was bought with my Micron PC?" One reason it’s important to be able to track this down is so that Lab organizations that have picked up computers passed down among employees or picked up from excess property can ensure that only software licensed to that computer is being used on the system.

All Lab Organizations Using Automated Computer Account Closing System

Beginning Friday, August 1, the Laboratory Directorate and Operations staff, along with the Material Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Life Sciences and ALS Divisions, will join the rest of the Lab in using the Termination Notification System (TNS) to close various computers accounts of employees who end their employment at LBNL.
 Protecting Your Computer
Major Vulnerability in Windows Systems Found
A major vulnerability in Windows NT, NT Terminal Server, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 that can allow an intruder to run an unauthorized program with superuser privileges.

Internet Scams the Topic of the Aug. 13 Computer Protection Brown Bag Event
Eve Edelson of Environmental Energy Technologies Division has been studying Internet scams for several years. Have you received any "Request for an urgent business relationship?" Many of us here at Berkeley Lab have, and we'll undoubtedly get more. Edelson will report her findings and will give practical advice at the upcoming Computer Protection Brown Bag Event at noon, Wednesday, August 13, in the Bldg. 50 auditorium. Bring your lunch and your questions.

Music and Movie Sharing at the Lab? Better Think Again
Certain types of activities are not allowed when you use LBNL computers. These activities include using certain protocols such as KaZaA, Gnutella, e-donkey, e-mule, and others for music and movie sharing. Not only does this type of sharing violate copyright laws, but it also uses a disproportionate amount of networking resources, interfering with scientific and other important activities at the Lab. The Computer Protection Program monitors all use of these protocols; violations are handled in accordance with LBNL's Regulations and Procedures Manual.

Monthly Virus Update: Klez.H, Sobig.E and Bugbear.B Worms Dominate
Image of a 'computer worm'
The LBNL virus wall eradicated a total of 5,662 instances of viruses and worms last month. The virus wall statistics for June 2003 were a little more interesting than in many previous months, however, because several worms challenged the destructive Klez.H worm's prevalence.