September, 2002
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Computing News is Now Computing and Communications Services News

Computing News enters its fifth year of publication with a new name and new format. The new name -- Computing and Communications Services News -- reflects the increasing integration of computing and communication-related services. The new html format, created by TEID, is designed to make it easier for readers to peruse the entire contents quickly.

UNIX Support Group to Offer Monthly Security Support Service
Beginning Oct. 1, users of UNIX and Linux workstations will be able to obtain dedicated, ongoing security support from the Lab's UNIX Support Group.

Netscape 7 Released, But It's Not Ready for Prime Time
The production version of Netscape 7 has been released, but initial testing at the Lab shows that the glitches outweigh the benefits so far

News on the Windows XP Front; Compatibility Testing Continues
The Information Technologies and Services Division, along with a number of key users, are now testing the Windows XP Operating System with FMS, the financial management component of the PeopleSoft software system.

LBLnet Upgrades for 10 Gigabits-Per-Second Capability
During the last few years LBLnet has been completing various upgrades to keep pace with network growth. As a part of this upgrade, the 10 Gig E router has been installed, connecting LBLnet to ESnet and the world beyond.

New Vendor to Provide On-Site HP Printer Support Beginning Oct. 1
SSP Data Products will be taking over maintenance of HP printers at the Lab beginning Oct. 1.

Update: Replacing Faulty Belts on Select HP Printers
An item in the last Computing News about Hewlett-Packard providing free replacement ITB belts for an ongoing problem with HP Color LJ 4500 and 4550 series printer prompted a variety of inquiries.

Computer Support Help Desk to Host Open House in New Location
The Lab's Computer Support Help Desk will celebrate its move with an Open House on Thursday, Oct. 24.

Protecting Your Computer

Users of Windows NT, 2000 and XP: Help Evaluate Software by Checking Your System for Trojan-Horse Infections
The Computing Infrastructure Technologies Group is is looking for users of Windows NT, 2000, and XP machines to help test an application to check computers for Trojan-horse infections.

virus drawing

Monthly Virus Update: Worms That Forge Emails Continue to Proliferate
The LBNL Virus Wall continued to be busy detecting and destroying viruses and worms last month. The three most common worms - Klez, Yaha and Nimda -- share a nasty trait - they forge emails and make it appear that the unwitting sender's computer is infected with the virus.

Tuesday, Sept. 24, Is Last Day to Enroll in Encryption Fundamentals Course
A word to the wise-Tuesday, Sept. 24, at 5 p.m. is the deadline to enroll in the upcoming half-day encryption fundamentals course on Sept. 26.

Stop the Spam! Here's How
Are you tired of receiving the many spam messages you get? This page tells how you can block those who send spam email.

WinXP icon

Windows XP Security Guidelines Now Available
Windows XP users--make sure your Windows XP system is secure. A new checklist for securing Windows XP systems is available.

New Worm Alert: Apache mod_ssl Worm Is Loose
Yet another worm, the Apache/mod_ssl Worm, slapper.worm or bugtraq.c worm, is propagating itself over the Internet.