November, 2002
Lab to Deploy New Blocking Service in War on Spam

If your email seems to be on a high-spam diet lately, you're not alone. Whereas unwanted junk email made up only about 8 percent of all email on the Internet in July 2001, that figure has more than quadrupled to 36 percent by July 2002. Next month, the Lab will deploy "industrial grade spam-blocking" to fight back.

Taking a Stand Against Spam Scams (by Ron Kolb/Currents)
They come with varied subject heads. CONFIDENTIAL AND TOP SECRET. READ CAREFULLY (urgent reply needed). ASSIST ME PLEASE. I WANT TO INVEST ABROAD. A CRY FOR HELP. Who among us at Berkeley Lab has not received one of these emails? Or dozens?

Lab Makes Seemingly Seamless Transition to New Phone System
For most employees, the Lab's recently completed transition to a new, state-of-the-art telephone system is about as exciting as the new phone on their desks. And that's fine with the folks in the Telephone Services Department.

Survey: What's the Cost of Upgrading to Windows XP?
The Lab's desktop support group has received a number of queries about the cost of upgrading to the Windows XP operating system, which recently became the Lab standard OS for PCs. Here's a look at the costs, and whether you should upgrade.

 Protecting Your Computer

Register Now for Nov. 25 Computer Security Fundamentals Course
A free half-day course on computer security fundamentals presents the "why's and wherefore's" of computer security with the goal of helping attendees understand why things are done the way they are in the computer security arena.

What Should You Do If Your System's Security Is Breached?
You have probably noticed the rapid increase in the number of Internet attacks due to worms, hackers, compromised Web sites, and other causes. What should you do if you think that your system has been compromised? First and foremost, avoid the impulse to react to whatever is wrong because you could damage your system. Contact your system administrator, then contact your division security liaison. When in doubt, call X4357 (H-E-L-P) or send email to

Computer Security Training and Awareness Course Catalog Posted
The LBNL Computer Protection Program offers the most complete set of security training and awareness courses available within the entire Department of Energy complex. This curriculum covers virtually all major areas of computer protection that are relevant to the needs of the LBNL user community, system administrators, and management. View a course catalog that describes this curriculum and descriptions of courses.

Monthly Virus Update: What the Lab's Virus Wall Has Been Catching
What worms, viruses and the like are making the rounds on the Internet? What can you do to protect your computer?