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Help Desk Staff to Be Augmented by Internet-Based Desktop Support System

As part of its ongoing effort to provide effective computer Help Desk service to the Lab, the Computing Infrastructure Support Department (CIS) is providing access to a new state-of-the-art suite of technical support services on a four-month trial basis. Lab employees will be able to use the service at no charge during the trial period.
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Questions and Answers About the Basic Ordering Agreement for Desktop PCs

Here is a question-and-answer session with the Desktop Support staff about buying a desktop PC from Micron using the Lab's Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA).
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Tip of the Month: Get Computer Support Help by Dialing or Typing HELP

The Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department, home of the Lab's computer support Help Desk and Mac/PC Support Group, makes it easy for employees who need help with their computers to get it - just by asking for H-E-L-P.

Typing the location in the "Location" or "Address" field of a Web browser can access the revamped CIS home page, with links to a number of resources. A new feature at the bottom of the CIS page announces if any central computing resource, such as an email server, is scheduled for maintenance or unexpectedly out of service. The page also has a link to the Web-based help request form, which is sent to the Help Desk once submitted.

Employees can also call the Help Desk by dialing X4357, or H-E-L-P at the Lab, or 510-486-4357 from off site.

New Vendor Providing On-Site HP Printer Support

Microtech International (MTI) is the new vendor providing support for Hewlett-Packard printers at the Lab. Although there were some initial issues during the startup phase with MTI, the Mac/PC Support Group staff has been working with the vendor to correct the problems.
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Good Desktop Computer Support Starts with the Individual User

Lab computer users can help keep their desktop systems running smoothly by regularly taking the following system administration steps:
  • Keeping security protection up to date
  • Keeping operating systems and applications software up to date (Software Downloads on CIS web page)
  • Keeping data backed up (Backups on CIS web page)
  • Keeping system tuned
    - De-fragmenting hard drive regularly
    - Cleaning up temporary files
    - Emptying trash
    - Running virus scans periodically

Lab's Linux Users Group to Hear About OpenOffice at Tuesday, October 2, Meeting

Have you ever wondered if there is an open source product that can provide standard desktop software capabilities in a multiplatform environment? And, if there is such an effort, how interoperable would it be with commercial products from companies like Microsoft? These questions and others will be the subject of a presentation by Max Lanfranconi from at the next Linux User Group meeting, starting around noon on Tuesday, October 2, in the Bldg. 50 auditorium.
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Introducing Virus Alert: Your Monthly Guide to Internet-Inflicted Infections

Beginning this month, Computing News will include a Virus Update in each issue to help Lab employees be aware of the latest viruses, how to recognize them and how to protect against them. Virus Update will be produced the by Lab's Computer Protection Program, which offers additional anti-virus information on its Web site.
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