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Web-Based LETS Interface Being Rolled Out Across the Lab

The Information Systems and Services Department has developed a Web-based version of LETS, the Berkeley Lab Employee Time Reporting System, and is rolling it out across the Lab. As each division is brought on-line, brown bag training sessions will be offered. The new Web-based user interface, called WebLETS, is a Java-based application, and will work on Windows-based workstations, Macintosh and Sun Sparc workstations.
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Calling All Clusters: Lab Working Group Gathering Data on Bigger-Than-a-Desktop Systems at LBNL

A working group from the Computing and Communications Services Advisory Committee (CSAC) is gathering information about multi-processors systems being used for scientific computing by researchers at the Lab. Such systems could include clusters of desktop computers or multi-processor servers. The information collection is part of an effort to identify current and future needs for more powerful computing systems among Lab research projects. If you have such a system, please contact Gary Jung. Participation is voluntary and no salesperson will call.

We Don’t Mean to Be a Nag, But Have You Emptied Your IMAP Email Trash Lately?

In the last few issues of Computing News, the subject of email trash has been discussed. Currently, about 20 percent of the storage on the central IMAP email server is taken up by files stored in employees’ trash folders. Although each article in the past has been followed by a small dip in the amount of stored trash, some employees have asked for more information – specifically about getting rid of the trash.
Here it is.

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Dell Announces Recall of Batteries for Inspiron 5000 Notebook Computers

(Editor’s Note: This article is based on a Dell news release.)

On May 3, Dell Computer Corp. announced it is recalling about 284,000 batteries supplied to Dell for use in some of its notebook computers. The recalled batteries were sold with the Dell Inspiron 5000 series of notebook computers, comprising both the Inspiron 5000 and Inspiron 5000e models. Dell shipped computers with these batteries directly to customers from Jan. 7, 2000 through March 21, 2001.

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Catching a Virus – Lab’s Virus Wall and Up-to-Date Anti-Virus Software Can Keep Those Nasty Bugs from Spreading

With malicious viruses a fact of life on the Internet, the Lab uses a “virus wall” to monitor email attachments for viral signatures. Although the wall provides a good defense, employees can help keep their desktop computers healthy by installing anti-virus software (available from the Lab's software download page) and updating it regularly with current patches designed to stop new viruses as they make the rounds.
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IMAP Outage This Week Needed for Multiplexing IMAP Email – What’s In It for You

A scheduled outage of the Lab’s IMAP email system this week will improve the response time when unexpected outages occur. The scheduled shutdown is being carried out to allow the central server to be replaced with five servers. The change will also increase the amount of storage, which is quickly being filled (and will be stuffed completely by early June).

Under the new server system, called multiplexing, IMAP accounts will be divided up among the five new servers. This means that if there is a server problem, it will likely only affect one-fifth of the IMAP accounts. It will also allow the system to be restored five times faster as their will be fewer accounts to restore.
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