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Computing Infrastructure Support Department Streamlines Web Page for Easier Access to a Multitude of Services

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department (CIS) has created a new Web site to make it easier for Lab employees to tap into a variety of computer support resources.
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New Web Pages Describe Computer Protection Measures for Various Operating Systems

The Labís Computer Protection Program has created new Web pages describing security issues related to the more common operating systems in use at the Lab. The operating systems addressed by the new pages are UNIX , Windows and Macintosh.

Micron PCs Ė Prices Are Down Again, Performance Is Up

Prices have been reduced again for Micron PCs purchased through the Labís Basic Ordering Agreement ( BOA). In the case of the lower-priced Celeron model, the processor speed has been upgraded to 733 MHz (from 667 MHz).
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What Happened to the Labís IMAP4 Email System on May 31, or the Importance of Keeping Your Software Versions Current

On Thursday evening, May 31, the Computing Infrastructure Support Department (CIS) installed a new Multiplexor system for the IMAP4 email server as the first major step towards significantly increasing the capacity of the server. The installation went well and there were no apparent problems until about 7:30 on the following morning when the system unexpectedly went down. It took four hours of working on this with Netscape staff to identify the problem.
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Help Desk Phone Line Provides Announcements on Lab-Wide Problems

When there is a Lab-wide computer problem, such as the May 31 IMAP4 email outage discussed above, the computer support Help Desk provides recorded announcements as a way of keeping employees informed of the status of the situation and expected time to repair. The announcements can be heard by calling the Help Desk at X4357 (HELP). Employees who are calling about another problem can remain on the line to have their call answered by the Help Desk staff.

Got Spam? The Labís Spam Wall Can Slenderize Your Email Intake

Unsolicited, unwanted email, usually called spam, can be annoying. And while itís tempting to fire off a strongly worded reply demanding to be taken off the mailing list, such a tactic may actually lead to more unwanted mail. Such messages merely confirm to the spammer that your email address is valid. Instead, follow these recommendations for keeping the Lab on a low-spam diet.
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Update on Testing of Windows2000 Professional for Compatibility with Other Lab Applications

The Labís Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) and Information Systems and Services (ISS) departments are currently testing Windows2000 Professional (the desktop version of the Windows2000 operating system) to see how well it interfaces with other applications supported by the two departments.
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Tip of the Month: Dial by Name Lets You Call Lab Employees When You Can't Look Up or Remember an Extension

If you need to reach a Laboratory employee but don't know his or her extension and you can't get to a computer to look the person up in the directory, try using Dial by Name, the voice mail system directory which can be used to directly dial any employee who has a voice mailbox. Dial by Name can be accessed in three ways:
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