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July 26 Presentation to Cover Computer Security for PCs Running Windows

The PC you use is vulnerable to an incredible number of security threats that can significantly disrupt your work and that of others. Employees can learn about these threats and what you can do about them in a mini-course, "Securing Your Windows Desktop System," from 1:30-3 p.m. Thursday, July 26 in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium.

The free course will be taught by Eugene Schultz, author of "Windows NT/2000 Network Security" and a member of the Lab's Computer Protection Program.

Computer Security Tip of the Month: Secure Your Internet Information Server (IIS)

According to Web sites that keep track of attacks on computers, only about 20 percent of all Internet Web servers are Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) Web servers, but over 60 percent of all the successful attacks on Web servers are against IIS Web servers. Why?Among other things, IIS Web servers' default settings are ill-suited to security needs.
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Seeing Code Red: Denial-of-Service Attack Demonstrates Importance of Constant Cyber-Vigilance

On Thursday, July 19, a major Internet cyberattack, which came to be known as Code Red, infected an estimated 300,000 to 500,000 servers, requiring them to be temporarily taken out of service. Berkeley Lab, like all Internet sites, was heavily attacked - 18 LBNL Web servers were infected, but were taken off line quickly as they began attacking other sites. According to the Associated Press, the Code Red worm spread more quickly than any worm in recent history. Most Web users, however, were unaware of the drama going on behind the scenes.
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New HR Web Site Gives Employees Access to Information for Updating, Reviewing

"Help Yourself" to Berkeley Lab's new Employee Self Service web site for accessing a variety of Human Resources and related services. Lab employees can log in to change their home address or emergency contact information, enroll in training courses, access payroll and benefit forms, connect to UC Benefits, and check on and update certain records.

Lab Negotiates Special Discount Pricing for Hummingbird Software Products

Software maker Hummingbird is offering the Lab an opportunity to purchase their Exceed, Maestro and HostExplorer products at a significant savings -- between 40-65 percent off of their commercial pricing. The special prices are in response to increasing requests from Lab employees for the software. There are three product lines from Hummingbird that are currently in use at the Lab -- Exceed, Maestro and HostExplorer.
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Lab's Linux Users Group to Meet on Aug. 7

The Lab's newly formed Linux Users Group will hold its first meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 7, and will feature Kevin Harrison of Ximian talking about his company's products and strategies. Greg Kurtzer, who is organizing the group, said it's intended as a resource for those who use Linux, as well as for those who are interested in the operating system. The location of the first meeting hasn't been set yet, but employees interested in attending can sign up for details at the group Web site.

Advisory: IMAP Email Users' Mail Stores Are Being Moved as Part of Service Upgrade

This article is for information only and no action is required.

As part of the Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department's effort to upgrade the central email servers, employees' centrally stored email is being moved to a new server. Employees should see no difference in their email and the change will have no effect on email addresses - about 100 accounts have been moved with no disruption in service.
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San Francisco Conference to Feature Experts in Grid Computing

The Department of Energy and other federal research agencies are developing tools and technologies to support computing "grids," or large-scale projects to develop problem-solving environments using computing and data storage resources at various locations. Berkeley Lab is co-hosting the premier international symposium on Grid computing in August, and the event offers an opportunity for Lab researchers to learn about Grid computing from some of the leading experts in the field.
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Remote Access Services Getting Easier, Less Expensive to Use

The Lab's Networking and Telecommunications Department (NTD) is working to improve LBLnet Remote Access Services (RAS) by adding features designed to make the services easier to use. It's also going to get less expensive to use -- the per-minute cost of using 1-800-LBL-DATA is being reduced in FY02.
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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP): Is It Appropriate for LBNL?

New communications technologies are appearing so fast these days, it's often difficult to sort out the actual applications and benefits from the hype. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is one of those technologies and the Lab's Networking and Telecommunications Department is frequently asked what we are doing in this area. To keep LBNL staff informed of our progress and the issues at hand, here is an overview of VoIP and the issues involved in deploying it in an institution such as the Laboratory.
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Apple Announces Safety Recall and Exchange Program for PowerBook G3 AC Adapters

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and other international safety authorities, Apple is voluntarily recalling certain AC adapters that were sold for use with PowerBook G3 systems shipped from May 1998 until March 2000. Apple has initiated an exchange program and will provide you with a new replacement AC adapter, free of charge.
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