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Preventive Maintenance Can Help Printers Keep on Printing

Most printers have a pretty standard method for letting you know they need help – pages start appearing with big black stripes down the middle. If parts are ordered immediately, things could be back to normal within a week, assuming all goes well. When it comes to Hewlett-Packard printers at the Lab, the Mac/PC Support Group has a better idea to keep them up and running.
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Tip of the Month – Micron Upgrades Speed, Memory of Lower-Cost Celeron PC

Micron has upgraded its Celeron PC, which is the lower-priced desktop computer available through the Lab’s Basic Ordering Agreement with Micron Electronics, making the latest configuration ( an attractive option. Recently, the processor speed was upgraded to a 667 MHz processor and the hard drive was increased from 15 Gb to 20 Gb.

For more information about recent price reductions on Micron products, read the article in last month’s Computing News.

What IRIS Can Do for You

The Lab's IRIS Data Warehouse is a powerful application for tracking budgets, costs, compiling reports from various databases and checking records. Last year, version 2 of IRIS was released.
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CIS/ISS Now Testing Windows2000 with LBNL Applications

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department (CIS) has recently developed a standardized Windows2000 professional "standard load" for use by Lab scientists, as well as for testing of our infrastructure and business applications.
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CIS Reports Results of Testing Various Ergonomic Devices, Software

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department has tested a variety of peripherals and applications designed to make computers more ergonomically friendly. Click here to read a list of products reviewed, as well as descriptions of features and system requirements.

Reminder – Brown-Bag Talk to Discuss New Electronic Calendaring Application

The Computing Infrastructure Support (CIS) Department is rolling out a new version of the Lab’s electronic calendaring system and is offering a series of brown-bag talks to showcase new features. The Thursday brown-bag sessions will be held at noon on Feb. 1 and Feb. 8 in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium and are open to all interested Lab employees. You can also read about the new version of the application on the Web.

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