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Tip of the Month: Using Password Safe to Store Passwords

Lab policy calls for employees to change their computer and network passwords every six months as a cyber-security measure. Another good practice is to use different passwords for different systems, so that if an intruder deciphers one password and gets into one computer, the same password won't automatically allow access to other systems. However, remembering numerous passwords can be a challenge. A free tool called "Password Safe" is available from Counterpane Labs. Password Safe offers a simple way to store all of your passwords in an encrypted "safe" on your Windows computer. You only need to remember a single password to "open" the "safe" and retrieve one of your many other passwords. Password Safe is available at:

Click here for more information about choosing good passwords.

CIS Seeking Employee Input on Options for Improving Printer Maintenance Services

The Computing Infrastructure Support Department is considering various alternatives to in-house maintenance of printers, as noted in a previous Computing News article. CIS would like to hear from employees on the issue.
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Computer Protection Program to Offer Windows NT Security Class on Monday, March 5

Gene Schultz, who recently joined the Lab's Computer Protection Program, will be presenting a series of computer security classes. The first one, "Best Security Practices in Windows NT," will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, March 5, in the Bldg. 50 auditorium. The course is offered at no cost to attendees.
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LBLnet Makes Improvements to LBNL's Remote Access Services

The Lab's Remote Access Services (RAS) are being enhanced with several new features aimed at minimizing some of the most common sources of trouble for RAS users. These features apply primarily to dialup accounts and address problems from lost passwords to unexpectedly high costs for using the service. The idea is to give RAS clients more control over their PPP passwords and recharge account numbers.
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Suggestions Wanted: Which Features Should Be Included on a Standard PC for Scientific Computing?

Through a Basic Ordering Agreement, or BOA with Micron Electronics, Lab programs can purchase several levels of standardized PCs at discounted prices. With continuing changes in users' needs and technology, the Computer Infrastructure Support Department would like to hear from scientists about whether the current high-end configuration meets their needs for scientific computing and what kind of upgrades make sense.
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What Is LDAP and Why Is an LDAP Password Useful?

As the Lab streamlines its business services computer applications, the preferred method for authenticating employee access is by LDAP password. While most employees already have such a password, they may not know it by name.
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Quest of the Month: Looking for Help with IBM OS/2 Questions

The Lab's Mac/PC Support Group occasionally receives requests for help with problems related to IBM OS/2 problems. The group currently doesn't have anyone on staff who has knowledge of this IBM operating system. If any employees who have OS/2 systems are willing to help others, the MPSG would like to hear from them. The goal is to set up an informal referral/support group, working mainly via email, for folks who have this common interest. If you are interested, call Gayle Peuser at X4511.
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