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Novell Server Services

  • To report a problem with a Novell server please visit the Help Desk or send mail to
  • Check the status of backups on your Novell server. 
  • Learn about current Novell infrastructure projects


    Novell Service Level Agreements

    The CIS Department offers Server Maintenance for Novell Servers under a Service Level Agreement. Some of the services offered include:
    • Distributed Printing Services 
    • Shared Disk Storage 
    • Floor Space in a Strategic Server Computer Room 
    • Operating System (i.e. sys volume)  Backup 
    • UPS Power 
    • NDS / Domain Configuration 
    • OS Upgrades / Patches 
    • Troubleshooting NOS and Hardware Problems 
    • Disaster Recovery 
    • Scheduled Off hour Maintenance 
    • Specification and acquisition assistance when obtaining new hardware.

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