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Printing through the Novell Network

First, make sure the Novell client is installed

Once you are logged into the Novell network you can select which printer(s) you would like to use. 

  1. From the start menu select settings then printers. 
  2. Select add printer from the printers window then next to begin process as shown below. 


  1. Check the network printer circle and click the next button as shown below. 


  1. Click the browse button to find the network printer, as shown below. 


  1. Under Network Neighborhood/LBLTREE/LBL/Printers/ you will find all printers setup for queue based printing (often needed to print from ISS apps), as shown below. Go one more container down, LBLTREE/LBL/Printers/NDPS, to use the lastest printing system. Please remember the printer type while you go through this process. The printers are all listed by building, room number and brand/type. 


  1. After you have selected the printer click ok to return to the previous screen. Select yes under "Do you print from MS-DOS-based programs?" then next, as shown below. 


  1. You will now choose a printer driver and click ok. For example, if the printer name is 50E-1527-HP4M choose the Manufacturer as HP and the Printer as a HP Laserjet 4M, as shown below. In most cases, if you have selected a NDPS printer, the proper driver will be automatically installed to your system. In such cases, the driver selection dialog will not appear. 


  1. You may now give the printer a name of your choice to be shown on your PC. We recommend using the network name, for example 50E-1527-HP4M. If you wish for this to be your default printer, check the yes circle as shown below. 


  1. Next, to print a test page click the finish button. 


  1. The driver will now be loaded on your system, you may be prompted for a Windows 95 CD-Rom. Once the driver is loaded the test page will print. A window will open to ask if the test page printed correctly. If the test page has printed correctly, the printer is ready for use. If your test page has not printed correctly you may select the no button to run through the windows printing help file. If this does not solve your printing problem please contact the help desk at 486-HELP.

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