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Windows 95/98 Network Configuration

(Changing your network settings can cause loss of network connectivity and severe system problems if done wrong.)

Frame Type
LBL networks use the NWLink IPX/SPX "Frame Type" of Ethernet II. Windows runs more reliably when this setting is specified. To change this setting, open the Network Control Panel in Windows 95/98 by clicking the "Start" menu, choosing "Settings" then "Control Panel", and double-clicking the Network icon. In the list of networking components installed select the "IPX 32-bit Protocol for the Novell Netware Client" and click the Properties button. On the Advanced IPX tab, check the Primary logical board and choose the Frame Type of Ethernet II. Also specify "Use only the following frame types:" and Add the Ethernet II frame type. The configuration should like this when finished:

Shutdown and restart your computer to finish the reconfiguration process.


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