"4-1-9" or "Advance Fee Fraud" schemes

"4-1-9" or "Advance Fee Fraud" schemes are criminal attempts to defraud victims.

U.S. Secret Service advisory on these Fraudulent schemes:

is the U.S. Secret Service Public Awareness Advisory Regarding "4-1-9" OR "Advance Fee Fraud" Schemes

The above U.S. Secret Service advisory reads in part, "In response to this growing epidemic, the United States Secret Service established "Operation 4-1-9" designed to target Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud on an international basis. The Financial Crimes Division of the Secret Service receives approximately 100 telephone calls from victims/potential victims and 300-500 pieces of related correspondence per day."

The US Secret Service also has an email address for 419-related reports: 419.fcd@USSS.treas.gov

CIAC hoaxbusters information on this scam

LBNL Policy on this spam related to this scheme

LBNL's current policy is to block the sender, notify the organization handling the sender's mailbox, and keep a copy for future reference, should it be requested by the Secret Service or other law enforcement agency.

Thank you for your vigilance and for reporting this abuse.

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