"One little realized impact of telecommunications on settlements has been to increase mobility greatly."

Jean Gottmann (1983)

"The substitution of telecommunications for travel is of minor importance because, even if it happens, it will be offset by the human desire to exercise mobility."

Ilan Salomon (1985)

"Had the telephone not been invented, the entire economy would be drastically different than it is today, and much of the transportation we are asked to envision would simply never have been generated."

Patricia Mokhtarian (1990)

"Very clearly, most information in the economy is embodied in material goods and in people, both of which can only be moved around on 'real' highways."

Mark Hepworth and Ken Ducatel (1992)

"All information technologies ... have expanded our ability to understand the world around us. But these technologies have also created distinctive patterns of distortion and have thus changed the way our minds receive, remember, and understand the world."

Al Gore (1992)

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Chapter 2, "Perspectives on Telecommunications and Transportation"
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