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Requirements Management Program

Requirements Management Committee Charter

Purpose: The Requirements Management Committee (RMC) is appointed by and reports to the Associate Laboratory Director of Operations/Chief Operations Officer (ALDO/COO), and collaborates with the Requirements Management Program Manager (RM PM) in the implementation and maintenance of a disciplined requirements system for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.  The scope of its efforts relate to the management of all requirements determined applicable to LBNL pursuant to terms of the U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Contract No. DE-AC02-05CH11231 (Contract 31) and any LBNL generated requirements, policies and institutional documents. 

The RMC shall be comprised of not more than fifteen nor less than ten members, and shall include representatives from the Operations Functions, the Science Divisions, Office of Contract Assurance (OCA), Technology Transfer, Research and Institutional Integrity Office (RIIO), and LBNL Legal.  The COO nominates a chair from the RMC membership to serve for three years.  Quorum for RMC meetings shall be based on a pre-meeting agenda and include at least the RMC chair, the RM PM, a policy manual editor from Creative Services Office (CSO), and representatives having a stake in the agenda items. 
LBNL RMC members are nominated by their respective senior line managers, and appointed by the ALDO/COO.  All members serve for a 3 year term, with possibility of extension. 

Responsibilities of the Requirements Management Committee (RMC):

  • Provides centralized coordination and communications on Contract 31 requirements and related Lab policy matters. 
  • Reviews and oversees disposition of Requirements Review Cases related to requirements, Laboratory policies, and on a case-by-case basis Laboratory implementing documents.  [Note: A “requirements review case” is an instance or a question related to a requirement that has been logged into the RM database for disposition by the RM Committee.]
  • Oversees the RM process to ensure that (a) each requirements review case related to an institutional requirement is logged into the RM database, (b) each review case has at least one record of decision (ROD) and an analysis that supports the decision, both of which must be filed in the RM database, (c) for those cases that result in change to policy and/or its related supporting documents, a ROD on whether an implementation plan is needed is filed in the RM database (along with the implementation plan, if deemed necessary), and lastly, (d) demonstrating that flow-down from requirement into implementing documents is managed.
  • Applies cross-functional knowledge on requirements matters.
    • Assesses the Laboratory wide impacts of new or changed requirements, and adopts a holistic response.
    • Reviews and recommends best qualified team members to address requirements analyses, implementation mechanisms and plans, policy and procedure documents. 
      • Such team members include Policy Area Managers, Working Group (WG) members, and subject matter experts (SME). 
      • Ensures teams are cross-functionally represented. 
      • Recommends collaboration with other Laboratory standing committees whenever possible.
    • Reviews and applies cross-functional knowledge and judgment on WG, PAM, SME work products (analyses, implementation plans, policies). 
      • Ensures analyses and plans lead to practical (cost, breadth of impact, simplicity, etc.) implementation.
      • Ensures risk analysis and problem solving techniques and best practices have been applied.
    • Advises responsible Sr. Line Manager on WG/PAM/SME work products.
  • Drives for process simplicity.  Seek resolution and decision-making at the lowest levels possible.  Review processes at least annually and make improvements for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Reviews communications plan to ensure effectiveness and thoroughness.
  • Reports to ALDO/COO.
  • Champions RM and institutional document management processes. 

RMC Chair:
Nominated by ALDO/COO for a three year term.  Duties and responsibilities are expected to require approximately 30% of full time.  RM PM may be a viable candidate for the position.

Qualifications and responsibilities:

  • Chairs the Requirements Management Committee (RMC), and generally ensures that the RMC fills its responsibilities to ensure that new/changed requirements are appropriately reviewed, analyzed, and translated into LBNL policies and procedures, and that implementation plans supporting policy changes or introduction of policy are appropriately scoped, comprehensive, and cross-functionally balanced. 
  • Prepares agenda for and leads RMC meetings.
  • Facilitates communications among the RMC, Working Groups, Sr. Line Managers to ensure timely completion of requirements and policy matters.  Drives for resolution of conflicts amongst these parties. 
  • Encourages RMC to apply broad knowledge of operations functions to ensure the quality, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness of detailed recommendations generated by the RMC and the Working Groups. 
  • Coordinates the reviews and preliminary concurrence on institutional policies, and related interpretation and impact analyses and implementation plans recommended by Working Groups and the RMC. 
  • Oversees preparation by RMC of recommendations to the responsible Sr. Line Manager institutional policies and related implementation plans for final approval.
  • With line management, Policy Area Manager (PAM), and Public Affairs, ensures timely and directed communications on Laboratory requirements, policy and institutional document matters.
  • Provides regular (preferably monthly) reports to the ALDO/COO.  Provide courtesy updates to DOE Berkeley Site Office, UCOP, and Laboratory standing committees.
  • With RMC members, feeds accurate and current information for the RM tracking system maintained by the RM PM. 
  • Is responsible for initiating process for replacing or renewing member appointments, when required.

RMC Member qualifications and responsibilities:
LBNL members are nominated by respective senior line manager, appointed by ALDO/COO.  Duties and responsibilities are expected to be approximately 5%.  All members serve for a 3 year term.

Qualifications and responsibilities:

  • Must have and apply experience and breadth of knowledge of requirements, policy, and specific functional operation in his/her respective areas of expertise. Must have and apply good working knowledge and experience of general Laboratory operations. 
  • Must be trained on LBNL RM and document management processes.
  • Has authority (as delegated by his/her Sr. Line Manager) to accept RMC actions or assignments on behalf of his/her respective functional area.
  • Communicates actions and/or assignments to respective Sr. Line Manager on regular basis. 
  • Must consistently attend and participate at RMC meetings.  If absence is necessary, is responsible for finding alternate.
  • Applies skills and experience in risk analysis and problem solving techniques. 
  • May be assigned to other RM roles (Working Group, Policy Area Manager, functional document control administration).  [Note: assignment to multiple roles is not recommended, though in the short term is recognized as necessary.]

Meetings: The Requirements Management Committee will meet at least monthly or as frequently as needed to take effective action on pending policy and related implementing documents.  Meeting agendas will be distributed at least one week in advance.  Members who are unable to attend a meeting have responsibility for finding an alternate who meets the member qualifications.  The RM PM will record, communicate, and track actions, decisions, and/or recommendations to closure.  The RMC Chairperson will provide a report at least quarterly to the ALDO/COO.

Administrative Support: The Office of Contractor Assurance will provide staff support as needed.

LBNL Requirements Management Governance System Description, Doc #
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RMC Membership: The list of current RMC members may be found here.


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