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Proposed Richmond Bay Campus: Visit our Richmond Bay Campus website for information and updates.

Capital Projects Website: Berkeley Lab is in the process of upgrading existing buildings and facilities and is proceeding with the planning and construction of new buildings. The work will enable the Lab to address some of the most urgent scientific challenges of our time, such as climate change and energy security. Go here for more information on the projects.

Community Advisory Group: As a part of our outreach efforts, the Lab has a Community Advisory Group which holds public meetings about every two months. Information from past meetings and a schedule of future meetings can be found on the Group's website here.

Economic Impact Study: Berkeley Lab has a major economic impact locally and on the region, state and nation. An Economic Impact Study details the Lab's economic contributions to the City of Berkeley, the San Francisco Bay Area region, the State of California, and the U.S. For the full 51-page report, click here.

Letter to the community from Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos.


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About State Government and Community Relations

Building strong and productive bridges with Berkeley Lab's neighbors and with local, state and federal officials is critical to ensuring that great science continues to thrive at the Lab. The Office of State Government and Community Relations exists to serve as a resource for community members and officials who wish to learn more about the Lab, its future and its impact on the surrounding communities. The office is also a conduit for Lab scientists to share the significance of their scientific endeavors with our neighbors, community leaders and government representatives.

Being a valued member of our community is one of Berkeley Lab's highest priorities. We hope our efforts can help us continually build stronger community relationships.

Our philosophy as a neighbor is simple. Along with engaging the public in what we do, we hope our active involvement in the community — through a variety of community activities, outreach programs and education — can build a legacy of trust and support for the crucial scientific research we do. We look to maintain an ongoing dialogue with community members and regional leaders, forging an open and mutually beneficial relationship.

State Government and Community Relations Office
One Cyclotron Road, MS 65
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 486-7292

Sam Chapman, Manager, (510) 486-6536,
Armando Viramontes, Community Relations Representative, (510) 486-6251,

Federal Government Relations Office
One Cyclotron Road, MS 50A-4119 
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 486-7292

Don Medley, Head, (510) 486-6863,