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HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification at LBNL
Summary, Keywords, Notes   PIV and HSPD-12 Information

Personal Identity Verificiation is a project to standardize badges, background checks, and logical and physical access credentials across the Federal Government. PIV was started in response to Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12. Additional information about PIV can be found on the NIST PIV Project Website.






On October 14th, 2005, The Deputy Secretary of Energy signed a memo approving a new interpretation of PIV which allows uncleared Laboratory employees and facilities to issue current access credentials instead of the PIV Identity Credentials. This effectively exempts nearly all LBNL Lab facilities and employees/guests from the PIV requirements.

Some LBNL employees with the need to access Federal Facilities (including DOE HQ) on an ongoing basis, may find it useful to go through the PIV process. The Site Access Office can assist you if need be.

For more information, contact

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Key External Websites and Policies::

Presidential Directive HSPD-12

Federal PIV Project Website with FIPS 201, and OMB/GSA Guidance

DOE N 206.1 Notice Implementing Identity Proofing

DOE Developed FAQ (caution: becomes out of date regularly and does not necessarily reflect LBNL implementation)


Frequently Asked Questions in Development
LBNL Documents::


Presentation to DDM 8/24/2005 (available soon)

Presentation to CPIC (available soon)

LBNL Mailing List


For interested parties at LBNL, please send an email to with the BODY of the message "subscribe piv-stakeholders"


LBNL Organizations:

Physical Security and Property Protection

Cyber Security


Background Checks:

Link to OPM SF-85 Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions

OPM Resource Site for Investigations

Q&A from OPM on Investigations








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